Some Distinctive Behavior & Personality Traits of Hypoallergenic Cats

Are you a mentally stressed individual in need of help? You should take the required medication and treatment, but will that be enough? It is always better to tackle illness in multiple ways. An emotional support cat or dog by your side can help you recover faster by giving you a purpose in life. The more you take care of your fluffy companion, the better you’ll feel.

Hypoallergenic cats can make excellent emotional support animals, and at, we want you to be well-informed before making any decisions. Our guide to the distinctive behavior and personality traits of hypoallergenic cats covers everything from their playfulness to their social nature. We want you to find the perfect ESA for you and our guide is designed to help you do just that. Trust us to provide expert guidance and support as you navigate the world of emotional support animals.

woman walking with two dogs

How to get an ESA

The procedure for obtaining an ESA is simple. You need to contact a mental health professional who will analyze your behavior and if you seem fit, you will be given an emotional support dog letter within a week. The same is the case with letters for cats but one for rabbits or snakes may take slightly more time. You must make sure that you are not allergic to the animal you get.

What kind of cat should you get?

 You need to purchase a cat species that is friendly, loveable, well-behaved, and trainable. If you suffer from multiple allergies, it is better to get yourself tested and then choose a species of hypoallergenic cats. To know more about the personality traits and behaviors of hypoallergenic cats, continue reading.

ESA Letter Washington State:

An ESA letter is a helpful tool for individuals with qualifying conditions in Washington State. The letter allows individuals to live with their emotional support animals in housing that might otherwise prohibit pets, and travel with their animals in the cabin on flights. To obtain an ESA letter in Washington State, a licensed mental health professional must evaluate the individual and determine that an emotional support animal would benefit their condition.

ESA Letter Arizona:

An ESA letter is a valuable tool for individuals with qualifying conditions in Arizona. The letter allows individuals to live with their emotional support animals in housing that might otherwise prohibit pets and travel with their animals in the cabin on flights. To obtain an ESA letter in Arizona, a licensed mental health professional must evaluate the individual and determine that they would benefit from having an emotional support animal.

ESA Letter Georgia

An ESA letter can be a helpful tool for individuals in Georgia who suffer from emotional or mental disabilities. With an ESA letter, they can have their emotional support animal with them at all times, including on flights and in housing that may otherwise prohibit pets. Georgia has no breed-specific legislation, which means that most pets, including emotional support animals, are welcome in the state. It's important to note that while an ESA letter can provide some legal protections, it's not a license to bring an untrained pet into public spaces. Emotional support animals should be well-behaved and trained to minimize disruptions and respect the rights of others.

Behavior and traits of hypoallergenic cats

  1. Fur

You would want your fluffy partner to be full of fur to make them the ideal cuddling companion. The truth is that a lot of generally allergic people are allergic to animal fur. This hair is very tiny and can be occasionally seen in a lit room. When this hair enters your airway through the mouth, you may begin to suffer from sneezing or coughing. A Burmese or sphynx cat would be a better option for you if you suffer from animal allergies.

  1. Curiosity

Almost all cats are curious and explore your whole apartment. You should be better off with an older cat that is calm in nature. A curious cat will go under your bed, run from one place to another, hide behind furniture, and gather up dust. This dust can go into your air passage when you cuddle with your companion. You should go for a Ragdoll or Persian cat that is old and lazy.

  1. Allergic cat

If you get a cat that is allergic to a lot of products, they are likely to be hypoallergenic. A few identifications of such a cat are that they immediately start scratching their bodies with their hind legs after consuming a particular food. They may start meowing intensely after consuming milk or any treat. Sphynx cats are known to be a resistant breed so they are highly recommended.


  1. Loves cleanliness

Get yourself a cat that loves hot baths. You should clean your cat weekly with special cat shampoo. A clean cat will cause fewer allergic reactions because its body won't contain any foreign micro-substance that can cause an allergic reaction. Even a cat that regularly cleans itself by natural licking will prove to be less allergenic.


As an allergic person, if you are doubtful about getting an ESA, talk to any owner and ask them about their experience. Getting an ESA is a wise decision so you should immediately contact a mental health counselor and ask them to write an ESA letter for you. With this letter, you will be able to legally own a pet, keep it in your apartment and it can even accompany you on air travel.


Getting a cat is a big responsibility; thus, you should conduct thorough research before making a final decision. If you are an allergic person in general, you need to get a hypoallergenic animal. Before buying you need to observe your cat very thoroughly to check if it is exhibiting hypoallergenic behavior. After you have confirmed, you can use your ESA letter to buy the perfect companion.