Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules:

1. Raise you hand to talk

2. Only one person talks at a time

3. Ask to go to the restroom

4. Use walking feet at all times!

5. Be repectful of your peers and teachers

6. Be responsible for yourself and your belongings

7. Keep you hands, feet and objects to yourself

8. Follow directions


Clip Chart Behavior Plan:

Everyone's clip will start off in the green "Ready to learn" area, in the middle of the chart. If a rule is broken, the student will move his/her clip down one color. Each time a rule is broken, they will 'clip down' to the next color. If the student is asked to "Clip Up", it means that they have gone above and beyond what is expected of them, and they can move up one color. Each student has the opportunity to 'clip up', even if they have 'clipped down' during the day.  If your child stays on green all day, it means they had a great day in class. If a student continues to go above and beyond throughout the day, they can eventually clip up "off the chart" and earn a reward.

Clip Chart Colors and Meanings:
Great Choices
Good Choices
Ready to Learn

Think About It

Monthly Behavior Chart:

Each child will have a behavior calendar that is sent home every day. Please be sure that this chart is initialed every day. The color of the stamp that your child receives in that day's box is where their clip ended for the day. If their clip does not finish on green or above, the reasoning will be listed in that day's box.