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Welcome to Ms. Harris' Website!

I hope you are all excited to begin your seventh grade yearSmile. This year, be ready to learn a lot and have fun doing it! Many of the things we will learn in class this year will utilize creativity on your part, and will give you the chance to really show your own personal strengths in an English classroom.

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Students and parents: Please look through this website to gain more information about my English Grade 7 classroom,  my Biography, and my Educational Philosophy. Also, feel free to check out the links I've provided!

Students and parents: Here is my daily school schedule:               

                                    Period 1: English 7

                                    Period 2: English 7                                         

                                    Period 3: Planning

                                    Period 4: Lunch

                                    Period 5: English 7

                                    Period 6: Study Hall

                                    Period 7: English 7

                                    Here is my personal information:

                                    Teacher name: Ms. Harris

                                    Room Number: 318


                                    School Phone: 555-5555 ext. 315