About Ms. Harris

All About Ms. Harris:

I was born in Syracuse, NY in 1987. I was raised in Liverpool, NY and graduated from Liverpool High School in 2005. After graduation, I went to Le Moyne College for my undergraduate education and received a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2009. In 2011, I received a Master of Science in Teaching from Le Moyne College, with Dual Certification in Secondary English and Special Education.

I became an English teacher because I feel I can help to better prepare students for their college and professional careers, as well as get them interested in literature. Because of the growing, rapid use of technology, I feel students need to review and practice more of the foundations of the English language. I want to get students excited about literature, so that they may read and discover new literary works, perhaps even be inspired to create their own literature. In addition, it is important, when studying literature, to know how to construct responses. As an English teacher, I strive to get students thinking analytically, organizing their thoughts into well-planned essays and discussions.

Some of my interests: I have always had a passion for writing--probably good since I'm an English teacher! Currently, I am working on a life memoir. I also have a passion for singing. During my undergraduate education at Le Moyne, I was part of a vocal jazz group called The Jazzuits. I would love to start and supervise a vocal jazz group at our high school!