Ms. Harris' English Grade 7 Classroom


 Before we can begin learning, we must go over some expectations for our classroom.  

  As your teacher, you can expect the following:           

  -I will respect your needs and concerns in the classroom.           

  -I will return your assignments promptly, meaning 1-2 days after you have  turned them in.           

  -I will be available after school for any additional help until 4:00pm Monday  thru Thursday.  

As a student in my classroom, I expect the following from you:           

-You must be respectful to me and your fellow classmates. Any disrespect  will lead to consequences at my discretion.           

-You must maintain good conduct in my classroom. I will NOT tolerate any  of the following: bad attitudes, crude language, violence, and any other  behavior that disrupts our classroom.           

-You must turn in assignments THE DAY THEY ARE DUE. Assignments that  are a day late will start out with a grade of 50. Any assignments turned in after this will be given a grade of 0.


For our classroom this year, you will need the following:           

-2 Binders (each 1”, 3-ringed)           

-10 Dividers (for your binders)           

-Loose Leaf Paper (College-Ruled)           

-Pens and Pencils           

-7th Grade ELA Textbook (This will be kept at home to use for your  assignments. We will use the classroom set of textbooks in our classroom.)           

-1 Notebook (100 Sheets, College-Ruled)

Attendance Policy:

As a student at our middle school, you must follow our school's policies on attendance. Consequences, such as suspension from extracurricular activities, detention, and/or school suspension will occur if you do not follow these policies.

Grading Policy:

As stated above, all assignments must be turned in THE DAY THEY ARE DUE. An assignment that is turned in a day late starts off with a grade of 50, and any assignments turned in after this will be given a grade of 0.

*All homework assignments will be graded on a check system. All on-time, well completed homework  assignments will be given a check, meaning a 100. Any day late or poorly completed homework assignment will be given a check minus, meaning a 50, and any assignments after a day late will be given a 0.            

*The following is the grading scale for all assignments outside of homework:  

A = 95—100     A- = 90-94     B+ = 87-89

B = 84-86         B- = 80-83     C+ = 77-79

C = 74-76         C- = 70-73     D = 65-69

F = below 65                                         

*Exceptions: You will not be penalized on assignments if you were absent the day they were assigned. You will not be penalized if you are absent the day of a test or the day a long-term assignment is due. However, the day you return to school, all assignments prior to those due that day must be turned in,and you will be expected to make up any tests, quizzes, or class work once you return to school.

Course Overview:

The following is a list of topics we will cover this year in our classroom:

1. Elements of Plot

2. Introduction to Poetry (Poetic Devices, Famous Poets, Writing Poetry)                                   

3. Introduction to Short Stories (Structure, Famous Short Story Writers)                                   

4. Novel Reading (Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Non-Fiction)

5. Short Essay Writing (3 Pages)

The following is a list of literature that will be studied this year in our classroom:

- The short stories and poetry of Edgar Allen Poe

- The short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne

- The  poetry of Robert Frost

- The poetry of Walt Whitman

- The poetry of Emily Dickinson

- The Giver by Lois Lowry

- A Child Called It by David Pelzer

- Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes

- The Diary of Anne Frank                               

Course Requirements:

Homework Assignments - 25% of your grade                       

Tests - 20% of your grade

Short Essays (3 pages) - 25% of your grade

Literature Projects - 30% of your grade