Ms. Harris' Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy:

As a teacher, I think there are a few, important things to keep in mind.

1. Fairness- I strive to be a fair teacher. What this means is that I am not "out to get" anyone. Every one of my students is

   important to me, and I want them to know that. Being a fair provider of knowledge and skills, grader, and discipliner

   are ways I will act in my classroom.

2. Being open-minded- In my opinion, a successful teacher, (one who students respect, work hard for, and gain

    knowledge from), has to be open-minded. As a teacher of 7th grade English, I allow my students some choice

    in regard to literature read, literature projects, and even some test questions. I encourage discussion in my

    classroom, which means I encourage new ideas and points in my classroom (as long as they are appropriate

    for the classroom environment). I also encourage feedback from my students about their learning experiences in my


 3. Differentiating instruction- As a teacher, differentiating the way I teach material in my classroom is important. In other

     words, I will not have my students always reading aloud from a novel, or taking down notes while I lecture. It is

     important for me to do different types of learning activities in my classroom. I think it helps keep my students

     focused and interested in the material we cover in class.