E7T--Fall 2010--Marking Period Projects

E7T--2nd Marking Period Project Due: December 1, 2010 Original Poetry Books 

I.                    Each book must have 6 poems

a.       Biopoem (pink handout)

b.      If I Were… (pink handout)

c.       Choose 2 of the following

                                                               i.      Ode about something in nature 

1.      at least 10 lines

2.      couplets

3.      one simile (underlined)

4.      One line with personification (circled)

                                                             ii.      Haiku about Autumn or Thanksgiving

                                                            iii.      Elegy

1.      person of your choice

2.      at least 20 lines

3.      must be in 5 quatrains

4.      one metaphor (underlined)

d.      2 poems written by student

                                                               i.      in any style, form etc.

                                                             ii.      15 lines

                                                            iii.      any topic

                                                           iv.      no vulgar language

II.                 Each book must have 3 appropriate illustrations either hand-drawn, photocopied or downloaded

III.               Presentation

a.       Table of Contents

                                                               i.      All poems and pictures must have titles

                                                             ii.      All pages must be numbered in top right corner

                                                            iii.      All poems and pictures must be listed in correct order on the Table of Contents which is to be the first page after the front cover

b.      Book Covers (front and back)

                                                               i.      Must be construction paper or plastic, fastened cover (sold in Staples, etc.)

                                                             ii.      Front cover must have title for your book and student is listed as poet



E7T Marking Period 1 Projects--Due October 18, 2010  Choose only one of the following and complete it according to the directions given by the due date listed above. 1. Create a graphic novel of Othello.

  • Fold 5 pieces of typing paper or white construction paper into a booklet. This will create 20 pages for your graphic novel.
  • On each page there must be 4 cels with pictures/narration/dialogue. This will be 80 cels total in your graphic novel.
  • It must be hand-drawn in black ink fine tip marker. It does not have to be in color.
  • Fold another piece of paper for the front and back cover. There must be the title, the original author along with your name as "adapted by" and illustrator on the front cover.
 2. Create a soundtrack for Othello.
  • Choose 12 songs that could be played in a movie version of Othello. Three of these must be instrumentals. Each song must be at least 2 minutes in length.
  • Download these songs onto a disc that can be handed in. The disc must be in a plastic case with a decorated cover which includes the title, a picture (can be computer generated) and your name as compiler on the front and the list of songs on the inside.
  • A typed list of each song, its title, singer/composer and lyrics along with a 3-4 sentence explanation of where the song would play and why must be submitted with the CD for it to be graded.
  • Be sure you have proper heading at the top of your typed assignment and that it is stapled securely.
 3. Create an original story that deals with racism or conflict in marriage.
  • You must include 3 illustrations, either hand-drawn or computer-generated. Each must be a full page.
  • Your story must follow the standard conventions of written English for fictional prose. (Paragraphs, grammar rules, punctuation usage, etc.)
  • The story must be at least 4 full typed pages. NO HAND-WRITTEN STORIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!! Your story must in 12 pt Times New Roman or Perpetua and the lines must be double-spaced. [See the back for an example of how your story should look]
  • A front and back cover of CONSTRUCTION PAPER must be provided and on the front there must be the title you give your story and your name as author.