E7H--Fall 2010--Homework Assignments

------Second Marking Period (10/21/10-)Homework------

  HW# 23: Complete "Create-a-Sonnet" handout (grey)

HW# 22: Read "This Quiet Dust" by Emily Dickinson and "The Dead" by Rupert Brooke. In your notebook compare and contrast the images, themes, structure, etc. in 1-2 paragraphs or in a Venn Diagram or in pictures.

HW# 21: Choose a character from the play you feel would benefit from therapy. Write a dialogue between that character and the therapist. It must be at least 2 sides of looseleaf. If you choose a character that died by the end of the play be sure to use onl information up to the person's demise...no ghosts in the therapist's office! 

HW# 20:

Use Acts 1-4 only. Imagine you are either Othello or Desdemona. Write a letter to a newspaper advice columnist about the problems in his/her marriage and then ask for help. EC--write the advice columnist's response.


Create a poem or draw a picture that you feel appropriately depicts the feelings of Othello, Desdemona or both at the end of Act 4. EC--write a poem and draw a pic.

HW# 19: Read "Death the Leveller" by James Shirley. In your notebook answer the following questions.

1. What is meant by the term leveller?

2. Explain in detail and use direct reference to the poem to show how each stanza of the poem (there are three octets) proves the validity of the title.

HW# 18: Read "Death Be Not Proud" by John Donne. In your notebook, create a paragraph that explains how the poem shows the poet's belief that Death is not the ultimate power in the universe. 

HW# 17: In your notebook create a Venn Diagram or write 2-3 paragraphs to completely compare and contrast poetry, plays and novels.

HW# 16: Complete biopoem handout (pink)

HW# 15: In your notebook, list the description for each of the following types of poems:

1. ode

2. epigram

3. sonnet

 4. elegy

5. rondeau

6. haiku

7. idyll

8. limerick

9. epic     

HW# 14: Complete poetric terms worksheet (yellow)

------First Marking Period (9/8/10-10/20/10) Homework------

HW# 13: Define vocabulary words for Acts 4 & 5 on loose-leaf (or typed on typing paper)

HW# 12: Read Act 5 of Othello. In your notebook, answer the following questions completely and use specicif references to the text (Act, scene line(s))

  1. Which characters die? How does each die?
  2. Ultimately, how is Iago responsible for all the deaths?
  3. Do you think the