Our Classroom Website


In our classroom we do alot of hands on and trying new things. We learn everything from alphabets to numbers, shapes, colors. Most of all we learn to respect one another and take on responsibilities. We all have jobs in our class and we all need to do our part to take our class. We are all expected to participate in class and help one another if le too. We are share and follow our class rules and school. And we all have fun learning in our class


Our Rules

Keep on hands to our self.  
Use inside voices.  
No running   
sit crisscross  

My mission is to plan lessons effectively, let my students know that I care about them, improve student performance, to make them successful, and to focus on our centers and build a relationship with them

My beliefs to make instructional decisions for my students is to identify their needs and using data from the student’s responses.

My beliefs in ethical responsibilities of a teacher is to respect all my colleagues and the students, parents and all the members in our community. Have an ethical conduct.

My belief about children that serve as your guiding principles for reaching and teaching every student should have the right to learn even when their differences in educational needs and their backgrounds has implications.

My beliefs of a teacher is to give the students confidence in themselves, let them know that they are somebody, let them know that I care, how we communicate, never give up, that I am there to help so do not be afraid to ask for help, make learning fun and engaging. The teacher should always put the students first and making them feel that they belong there and always give them praises.

My beliefs of education is to have the students to have an open mind and to prepare them to face the real world.