Language Arts

Below are links to fine tune your reading skills!

Compare, Contrast and Make Predictions

A Fishy Story - read story online, then answer questions in Word or Works, or on paper

Compare and Contrast - see two examples, find out about "flavors" of compare and contrast, then see strategies

Dig It! - interactive story predicting the outcome

Compare and Contrast WebQuest - Mother Goose has been told that all of her fairytales and rhymes are too old. She is looking for boys and girls to help her rewrite a few of her old stories into newer or modern ones.

Main Idea and Theme

Get The Idea - read text to determine the main idea or essential message and identify relevant supporting details and facts

Identify Main Idea - online quiz

Identify Main Idea - practice quiz

Main Idea - read the paragraph and select the main idea

Main Idea - Quia Lesson

Main Idea Mini Lesson followed by interactive quizzes.

Main Idea practice - eight online interactive quizzes on Main Idea from the Manatee School District

Literal Understanding - interactive quizzes with factual information on planets

Reading Comprehension stories - interactive quizzes online for 2 stories

Reading Exercises - comprehension, fill in and sequencing


Irregular Noun Plurals - Interactive quizzes

Irregular Plurals - Match the related words, singular to plural.

Irregular Plurals - Match related words, oes, os.

Plural Nouns - Add s or es to the words you see.

Plural and Possessive Nouns - Choose from four activities.

Plural and Possessive Nouns - Scroll to the bottom of this page to find a quiz on plural and possessive.

Plural Girls - Type the correct plural form of words.

Plural Play - Be the first to fill a row, column or diagonal, like tic-tac-toe. You must get three in a row to win.

Plurals Picture Quiz - In the space underneath each picture, write in the correct plural form of the word given in the singular

Plurals: Y Endings - Change the singular nouns into plurals

See 'N Spell - Students click and drag letters into the box to spell the words that correspond to the pictures. A very good activity with many skills; plurals, long vowels, short vowels, blends and digraphs.

Singular and Plural Nouns - Three types of games to choose from (some words may be a bit above first grade)


Parts of Speech

Adjectives/Adverbs - Change adjectives into adverbs in this online quiz.

Be - verb usage online quiz

Complete Verb Phrases - find the complete verb phrases in the sentence

Gorilla Grammar - identify Parts of Speech - Beginner [nouns and verbs] Advanced [all parts of speech]

Irregular Verbs - Jeopardy type game for two players

Linking Verbs - identify types of verbs in this online quiz

Noun or Verb - read the sentence and select whether it is a noun or verb.

Parts of Speech - noun, verb, preposition, etc. (interactive quizzes)

Parts of Speech - identify the part of speech that will complete the sentence

Parts of Speech - identify word's part of speech. Part 2 || Part 3

Parts of Speech Quiz - select correct part of speech

To Be - present and past tense online quiz

Practicing past, present and future tenses - Tense Activity 1 | Tense Activity 2 | Tense Activity 3

Verb Phrases - find the complete verb phrase

Verb Power - Students identify underlined words as main verbs, helping verbs or contractions.

Verb Tenses - identify correct usage of verbs

Verb Viper - choose correct verb tenses,recognize correct verb forms, and recognize subject/verb agreement. Arcade type game.