Accelerated Reading Program


Accelerated Reading Program (A/R)

Acquinton Elementary School participates in a program called Accelerated Reader. Students select books on their reading level and take a test on the computer to check their comprehension. All these tests must be taken on the AES campus. Students are awarded prizes and are given incentives based on their participation. You can access a list of the books in our Accelerated Reader program by clicking here,AR LIST- Click Here to Search Acquinton's AR quiz list!. The list is alphabetical, but note that there is a column that indicates the appropriate grade level of the book. Please encourage your child to be a part of this wonderful program this year. Below is a list of the guidelines that we as a school have adopted and will be following:

Accelerated Reading

Review the chart below to see how many points you must earn by the cut off date in order to participate in the incentive.
 DeadlineNovember 3 (1st Nine Weeks) January 23 (2nd Nine Weeks) April 2 (3rd Nine Weeks) June 5 (4th Nine Weeks)
Number of Points8 16 26 32
Incentives: 1st Nine Weeks - Ice Cream Social and Games
2nd Nine Weeks - Movie and Popcorn
3rd Nine Weeks - Dancing with Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Huffman” on the “Wii” and Cotton Candy
4th Nine Weeks – Fun Game Day.We promise you will like it….You help design it!!!
We encourage parents to read with their child at home and we will be reading books in class as  group activities.  Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Huffman will be here to assist with testing.