Comparing Numbers

Compare - 1-9, 1-20, 10-99, 100-999, customize the range of numbers - from FreeMathTest

Comparing Amounts - more, less or the same

Compare It! - Students can practice comparing numbers, objects, or words using Greater Than, Less Than, Equal, Greater Than or Equal, Less Than or Equal, and Not Equal operators. You can have them compare words only, symbols only, or use both words and symbols

Compare Numbers - choose the red button for numbers to 1,000 or the orange button for numbers to 10,000

Alligator Lunch - learn greater than and less than symbols

comparing one digit numbers | comparing two digit numbers | comparing three digit numbers | comparing four digit numbers

Comparing Numbers Quiz - three levels available

Comparing Two Numbers - comparing 4 to 6 digit numbers.

Genius Boxing - box some of history's great math minds such as Einstein, Copernicus, Galileo, Bill Gates and more for universal math supremacy

Greater or Smaller - Compare two numbers.