Compound Words

Compound Word Activities

Breaking Down Compound Words - In the following sentences, find the compound word and type it in as two separate words.

Compound Nouns I - Drag the words to the other side to create compound words.

Compound Nouns II - Drag words to other side to create compound words.

Compound Nouns III - Drag words to other side to create compound words.

Compound Words - Drag the cards to form compound words.

Compound Words - Choose from the three activities, Test Me, Teach Me, or Play a game.

Compound Words from Ms. McGowan - Click on a red word and drag it to the blue word that makes a compound word, when you finish scroll down to see the answer and then scroll down to try five more.

Compound Words - Concentration style matching game - make compound words. [toothache is not one of the words]

Compound Words - Click on the blue button that completes the compound word. [4 questions]

Compound Words from Crickweb - Drag the colored missing half into the gray labels to make compound words

Compound Words Matching - Play this matching quis posted at Quia.

Compound Words Memory Square - Concentration style matching game - you decide how fast the game goes to set how much time you have

Compound Words Practice - Three types of activities at Quia; Matching, Flashcards or Concentration.

Compound Words Quiz - [9 questions] Click in the circle to make a compound word.

Compound Words Walk the Plank - [10 questions] Find the word that does not make a compound word, each correct answer makes the teacher walk further out on the pirate ship plank.