Story Elements

Story Element Activities

Book Cover Creator - Create a cover for your story by illustrating the story elements.

Character Trading Cards - Students create their own character cards, which they can then print off, illustrate, and trade or keep. It can be used with characters in a book students are reading or as a prewriting exercise for students who are writing narrative stories.

Guess the Setting - Read each description and choose the correct setting.

Literary Elements Mapping - Choose from the following graphic organizers: character map, conflict map, resolution map, and/or setting map, then create your map by filling in the information.

Settings -Figure out the setting of each of the stories or plays just by looking at the hints.

Short Story Elements - Online quiz

Story Elements - Read the story and answer the question about various story elements.

Understanding setting, plot or theme - Read the short story below. Then read each sentence and decide if it is part of the setting, plot or theme.