1. Money Activities

Adding Nickels and Pennies - find the sum of the coins

Adding Dimes and Pennies - find the sum of the coins

Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies - find the sum of the coins

Change It! - practice adding up all of your coins - You select the number of problems that you want to use as well as the number of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars that may appear in each problem. You may elect to express your questions in words only, coins only, or a combination of both

Change Maker - Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something. Select Easy for problems involving less than $1.00

Coins for Candy - identify, know the value of, and compare the values of a penny, nickel, and dime

Coin Madness - Select coins to add up to the correct amount.

Count the Money - You're given a target amount and the number of coins you already have. You must determine how many more coins of a certain type are needed to reach the target.

Counting Change - Match the money amounts.

Counting Change - a match game, counting coins to find amount of change and matching it with numerical number

Counting Coins - [ no bills ] up to 5¢ , up to 20¢ , up to 50¢ , up to 99¢ , customize amounts - from FreeMathTest

Counting Money - select difficulty level and then drag the right amount of coins

Counting Money - Help Kristen, Ryan, or Evan with their shopping. Six pages of problems are available; three easy and three hard.

Discovering Coin Values - drag coins into the cup to equal the amount in the blue area.

Grandpa's Game - count money

How Much Change? - calculate cost of items and change from a set amount

How much change? - word problems.