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Objective for the unit or STANDARD Students will be able to demonstrate proper basketball dribbling techniques with at least the dominant hand. 



                                 Description of activity



Focus &



Yesterday class, we learned how to properly demonstrate a chest pass. Today we will learn how to dribble with our left hand and right hand. At the end of my lesson we will do 3 drills so that you will be able to practice.


*anticipatory set

Who can tell me what dribbling is and what is its purpose?

  • Dribbling is a way of advancing the ball. You cannot move with the ball unless you dribble or it will be called a travel.
  • The purpose of dribbling is to move the ball up the court.


*instant activity

Warm-up by running two laps around the gym and stretching.



5 minutes



Statement of performance objectives


Students will learn how to dribble the basketball with both hands. Students will be able to bounce or dribble the ball at least 30 times within the two drills.




Teacher input


Teacher will explain the correct phases of dribbling the basketball. Such as, “head should be up and bounce the ball with your finger digits.” After explanation, teacher will demonstrate by asking a student to help model dribbling with their dominant hand.


The entire period





For differentiation I may have to use a large basketball or a lighter basketball and move the distance



Guided Practice


Preparatory Phase

  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Knees bent
  3. Head always up
  4. Hips should be low

Execution Phase

  1. Eyes should not be focused on the ball
  2. Ball should be on the digits of your fingers, not in the palm of hand or tips.
  3. Wrist should be flexible, moving up and down as the ball bounces
  4. Your non-dominant hand and arm should be protecting the ball

Follow Through Phase

  1. After the release of the ball (before the bounce), your knees should still be bent
  2. Hips low
  3. Head should not be down
  4. Eyes should not be focused on the ball, but yet the other players

1 basketball










  1. Each student will get a basketball and practice dribbling with the correct techniques on their own for about 2 minutes.
  2. Students will walk while dribbling from the base line to half court with dominant hand. When they come back to the base line from half court they will switch hands.
  3. Teacher will place cones in a zigzag. Students will have to dribble to each cone alternating hands every single time they reach a cone.
  4. If there is time there will be free practice.

12 cones and 8 basketballs

10 minutes

Closure/ Assessment


 Good job class, today we learned about dribbling. Can anyone give me some key points about dribbling a basketball?

  • Eyes should not be focused on the ball
  • Keep your head up at all times
  • Knees should be bent and get low as possible


1 minute