What should students do to be safe when using email and the Internet?


What should students do to be safe when using email and the Internet?



After a student has been given rules regarding technology by the teacher there will still be situations that arise or areas that will need more clarification. Email can be an area that needs to be addressed often. Students need to know that they should never open an email from a sender that do not know. They should also never open any links they are not familiar with. Students should also never share passwords so that their email accounts stay private. This could cause various viruses or issues with the computers privacy. 


For older students it will need to addressed that they should never meet anyone that they meet online. There are so many social media outlets that students can meet others that they should be made aware of fake accounts, what phishing is and how to avoid telling others personal information online. This does not only apply to email but apps on their phones and websites.



Top 5 Safety Tips 

  • Keep your privacy settings as high as possible  
  • Never give out your passwords 
  • Remember everyone online is not whom they say they are 
  • Think carefully before posting pictures/videos of yourself & what you say before you post 
  • Be careful what you download


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