Lesson Plan

 Bellarmine Lesson Plan Template Context
  • This lesson will give students practice in the real world application of solving algebraic expressions
  • Students have been introduced to solving algebraic expressions
  • Lesson will enable students to develop the ability to  solve algebraic expressions so that they can budget their money
 Learning Objective(s)
  • Students will be able to solve algebraic expressions and represent algebraic patterns
  • Students will make rational real world financial decisions using their results.
  • Students will develop proportional reasoning by solving a real world mathematical problem. This problem will require students to solve algebraic expressions and use  proportional reasoning.
Name: NatalieDate: 
Age/Grade Level: 8Number of Students:24
Number of Students with IEP / 504 plan: 6Number of Gifted Students:4
Number of English Language Learners: Subject: Math
Major Content: Solving Algebraic EquationsLesson Length:30 min
Unit Title: Proportional ReasoningLesson Number and Title:7.Are You Interested In My Dream Job?
  2.8        Students understand various mathematical procedures and use them appropriately and accurately. 
MA-8-AT-U-3Students will understand that algebra represents mathematical situations and structures for analysis and problem solving.MA-8-AT-S-VEO1Students will apply order of operations to evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions. 


Students will given a formula, substitute appropriate elements from a real-world or mathematical situation.

Students will use multiple representations to model and solve one- and two-variable linear equations. 


Students will solve problems using formulas MA-8-AT-S-EI3Students will investigate linear inequalities using a variety of methods and representations. 
MA-08-5.2.1Students will evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions applying the order of operations.


MA-08-5.2.2Students will describe, define and provide examples of variables and expressions with a missing value based on real-world and mathematical problems. MA-08-5.3.1Students will model and solve single variable, first-degree real-world and mathematical problems (e.g., 5x + 2 =x + 22, x – 4 < -60).


MA-8-AT-U-4Students will understand that real-world situations can be represented using mathematical models to analyze quantitativerelationships.MA-8-AT-S-VEO3Students will describe, define and provide examples of variables and expressions with a missing value based on real-world and/or mathematical situations. MA-8-AT-S-EI4Students will model and solve real-world problems with one- or two-step equations or inequalities (e.g., 4x + 2 = 22, x – 4 < -60).MA-08-5.1.2Students will represent, analyze and generalize simple first and second degree relationships using tables, graphs, words and algebraic notations, and will apply the relationships to solve real-world and mathematical problems.


    Resources, Media and Technology
  • PC’s will be used to gather information and calculate budgets
  • Smartboard will be utilized to facilitate instruction
  • An overhead projector will be used to display power point display
  • Power point will be utilized to facilitate instruction
  • Calculators will be used to assist students ability to navigate lesson in allotted time


Students will use the web to explore career choices (  www.salary.com Monster Salary) and the salary associated with these careers·        

Students will draw a monthly budget based on their research using http://www.mappingyourfuture.org

  • There will be an instructional power point that will contain step by step instructions for completing the group tasks
  • Students will create a budget of how their money is going to be spent
  • Students will share their budgets on the smartboard

Assessment Plan

  • Students must turn in their budget and it will be graded based on their ability to develop and solve the equations as well as their ability to make reasonable decisions as to what should be bought.
Objective / Assessment Organizer
Type of AssessmentDescription of AssessmentAdaptations and/or Accommodations
Objective 1Summative Students BudgetsExtra time for students with IEP's to receive additional instruction on an individual basis or peer assistance
 Impact / Reflection
  • Students will gain ability to use algebraic equations to solve situational problems. This is a real world skill that allows students to develop proportional reasoning skills.
 Refinement / Lesson Extension

·         Students can revisit the budget and adjust their choices. We could also redo the assignment giving students the opportunity to try different dollar values to work with and situations to solve.