Rubric for Assessment

Dream Job
Name: ________________________Teacher: Natalie Johnston
Date Submitted: ____________Title of Work: ___________________
ExplanationA complete response with a detailed explanation.Good solid response with clear explanation.Explanation is unclear.Misses key points.____
Use Of VisualsClear diagram or sketch with some detail.Clear diagram or sketch.Inappropriate or unclear diagram.No diagram or sketch.____
Mechanics No math errors.No major math errors or serious flaws in reasoning.May be some serious math errors or flaws in reasoning.Major math errors or serious flaws in reasoning.____
Demonstrated KnowledgeShows complete understanding of the questions, mathematical ideas, and processes.Shows substantial understanding of the problem, ideas, and processes.Response shows some understanding of the problem.Response shows a complete lack of understanding for the problem.____
RequirementsGoes beyond the requirements of the problem.Meets the requirements of the problem.Hardly meets the requirements of the problem.Does not meet the requirements of the problem.____
Counter ExamplesIncludes counter examples.aDoes not include counter examples.yy____
 Teacher Comments: