We are currently working on Chapter 6 and FCAT practice tests.  Chapter 6 deals with finding the surface area of different shapes and solids.

For the week of March 25-31

March 26:

Homework due: pgs 411-412 odd numbered problems 

Classwork:  Lecture and problems on Section 6.3 in book.

March 27:

Homework due: none

Classwork:Quiz on Sections 6.1 to 6.3, then start section 6.4 in class

March 28: 

Homework due: pgs 415-417 odd numbered problems

Classwork: discuss homework and work on fcat practice

March 29:

Homework due: none

Classwork: FCAT practice test

March 30:

Homework due:none

Classwork: finish FCAT practice test and discuss.

No homework will be due 04/02/2012