Fifth grade


As we enter the final week of school for this year, both Mrs. Palatas and I would like you to know we are still teaching.  We have not stopped since there are standards we are working on.  Please keep this in mind.  In Math the students will be working on the Math exit test for fifth grade.  In science we will be working with forces.  In LA students are doing book presentations and in religion they are working in the Growing in Love.  Part of the Growing in Love is a Health grade.  I did not include the food chain piece on the health test today.  So that small piece will need to be covered.  The Friday folders were stuffed with many assessments coming home.  Student will need to pay attention to where they put the Growing in Love sheets since these papers service as their study guide for the final test.  I did not make a list but there were eleven different pieces in the folder including the fraction Math assessment and the symbiosis ad evaluation.  Students who ignored or did not meet the before grading criteria could not receive a plus.  Students were aware of the checklist before the project was turned into me. 

            Extra Science, Social Studies, Health and Math books should be returned to school this Tuesday.  Mrs. Palatas will let students know about the Language arts and Religion books.


I hope you have a wonderful long weekend.




Your students did a wonderful job with reading Oh, the Places poem for the graduating seniors at the breakfast today.  You would have been proud of them.  The seniors loved and appreciated the food you prepared and sent in for them.  Thank you for all your help and support with this event.


Camp forms are now in your hands for the summer.  If you want to join the kids at camp but do not have Protecting God’s Children, you are in luck.  Monday, May 23rd at 6:30 in the church there will be the required presentation.


In the Friday Folder was:

            Social Studies:

                        SW Capital assessment

            Religion –

                        Showing Respect – this sheet will be part of a study guide for a bigger test so do not lose it

                        Sacred Triduum

            Language Arts:

                        Vocabulary Practice

                        Wildness Worksheet

                        Spelling test

                        A graded Essay

            Math –

                        Fraction Assessment


Next week in class we will continue to be working with fractions.  They will have a quiz on Thursday on Simplifying fractions.  The following week we will be taking exit tests in Math.  These tests are to help Mrs. Harwell know where the incoming sixth grade is as far as Math knowledge. 


In Health, we will finish the chapter on Nutrition and have an assessment on that Tuesday 5-31 area.

The final science piece will be on forces. 


Have a great weekend.


5-13 -11


Thank you for the wonderful gifts and flowers this week.  The food has been tasty.  And one can never have too much Chocolate.  Thank you for your gifts and your prayers.  I enjoy working with each student in the classroom and hope they are learning and growing in their knowledge and understanding of Math, Health, and Science.


We were treated to two wonderful special events this week here at school.  The eighth graders shared their production of Willie Wonka.   We enjoyed the show a great deal.  The humor had us laughing; the special effects are terrific and inventive.  Mrs. Smith, Ms. Halley, and Mrs. Rosner have done a super job again.  I encourage you to bring the family and enjoy the hard work of the students in this fun filled production.


The second event was a visit from the Watterson Jazz band and chorus groups.  The music had us tapping outr toes and moving in our seats.  They did a great job.


In the Friday folders this week were:

            Language Arts-

                        Spacing worksheet

                        Words worksheet

                        Spelling test

                        Verb Review –


            Math –

Area Review sheet

                        Area, Perimeter and Volume Test

            Social Studies-

                        Pamphlets – grade sheet was sent home earlier

                        Drawing from the Field trip


Coming Home Monday with your students are the Camp information and forms.  Since Camp is early in September many forms will need to be filled out and returned before the end of this school year.  Look for these important papers in your child’s backpack.

I have several bowls that students have made that need to be transported safely home see homework page for details.



I have a lot to convey to you this week.  It is interim week and I sent Interims for any pattern I saw in the recent work we have been doing in Math.  The interim does not mean a “C” on the report card.  I just thought with all the students have been through emotionally these last few weeks that each child needed to be able to look at their mistakes and see if there was a pattern or just emotional miscalculations.  Please check over the work with them and see my comments.  Please review with them any reoccurring errors you see. 


The VIP times have changed because of a funeral.  Please check the Breaking news and adjust your schedule for that day.


The students had a special treat today.  They were able to hear Mrs. Jean Marotta from The Learning Spectrum talk to them about what it means to be Autistic and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I learned a lot and I you’re your student did too.  Please let us know what your son or daughter thought and any follow-up questions they may have. 


The  Friday folder was stuffed with many papers and assessments you will want to check out.  Here is a list of what should have been in the folder:

            Religion –

1. Letter from Mrs. Palatas and Mrs. Lewis dealing with the upcoming Human growth and Development Unit

2. The Family Handbook: Growing in Love (which will be returned at the end of the unit)

3. Faith, Hope and Love Religion assessment

            Social Studies-

                        1.  Vocabulary Review page 79

                        2.  Vocabulary Review page 84

                        3.  Lesson #1 – Washington as President

            Language Arts-

                        1.  Soft G – Spelling test

                        2.  Prefix

                        3.  Fact or Opinion

                        4.  Irregular verbs

                        5.  Spelling on Notebook paper

            Math –

                        1.  Decimal – mixed practice Post test

                        2.  Area & Perimeter Test

                        3.  Graph – ordered pairs

                        4.  Angles - Pretest

                        5.  Decimal Multiplication

                        6.  Decimal Division

            Other – Market Day Order form

                        COTA – bus pass for Summer information

                        Information on a Reading Program

                        Cafeteria Statement

            Letter on Growing Love also includes information about the Cross Ceremony


Last but not least – Please have an awesome Mother’s Day!  Because you are terrific Mothers (and Dads) I get to work with a super set of students.  Thank you for sharing them with me.  I will be wishing for sunshine so that outdoor events and First communion will go well.



There will be no Friday Folder this week since there is Easter Break and trying to remember where the folder was put could be a problem.  The week we return is interim week.  The reports will be mailed Friday.  It is hard to believe the school year is almost over.  The next few weeks will be filled with Fractions and a lot of hard work.  But please enjoy the time off and spend it doing something fun with your child(ren).  May God bless you and keep you safe.



$_!% or 4-15 Are your taxes completed?

Today we saw a beautifully done presentaton of the Stations of the Cross and went to reconcilation at the same time!  So the students in both 5A and 5B are good to go for Easter!  All students involved in the Stations did a great job.  Go Kendall and Colin!   

This coming week student will complete the food web and chain activities.  We will have some type of quiz this week that mirrors our work in the class.  They have been working on questions about these concepts which are due Monday. In Math we are finishing up decimal division.  The assessment will be on Thursday for Division.  That's all folks for this week.




Well, we made it to Friday and I can not say what an unusual week this has been for all fifth graders.  Parents, thank you for your continued love and support as the students deal with the events of the week.  We did enjoy our tour of the sites around the outskirts of Campus and then inside the Ohio Historical Society.  From the race car in the lobby to the rocks and Tommie gun there was something for all.  A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Sheikh for organizing this trip.  To all of the chaperones, thank you for making this trip possible and sharing the time with the students today.  We all had fun!


            Coming up this week is a Treasure’s Test and a Social studies test.  For details see Mrs. Palatas’s and Mrs. Sheikh’s websites.  On Friday will be the normal grammar and spelling tests.  Sometime this week will be the Math multiplication test make up for the students in 5A who did not take the test earlier.  Also, this week will be the Mime Stations of the Cross on Friday afternoon and 5B has Mania in the Morning Tuesday.  Check with your child for what item they are to bring.


            Have a happy weekend and do something fun with your child. 



It’s a girl!!  Mrs. Smith had a girl.  For details visit her Classroom Chatter page. 


In Health, we have finished our heart poster project and the posters are hanging in the halls.  Check them out.  Friday 4-1, the students will have their quiz on signs of a heart attack. 

This week, we will be returning to Science with a unit on food chains, webs and energy pyramids. Key terms will be introduced and webs constructed. In about 2 weeks there will be a test on this material.

In Math, decimal division will be the buzz word.  The weekend homework was a long division review sheet.  Some of the students are still struggling with multiplication and zero placement so I moved the assessment on multiplication to this week to give them more time.  It will be Thursday, 3-31..  The students do not know this yet. 

Also this week< students will have a Treasure’s test (on Wednesday) and their weekly spelling and grammar quiz (on Friday).

Thursday ended to quarter so now the teachers are grading all those last minute pieces.  This coming Friday folder should contain those final grade pieces and a report card.




This coming week is the close of the third quarter.  Boy, is time flying when you are having fun with the students.  In addition, the students who are working on Invention Convention will be show casing their work this coming Wednesday.  Wednesday is also a mass day, so no PE uniforms please.  Tuesday, is the march to show your concern for budget cuts that would/could raise tuition as much as $800 dollars.  If you can not go down to the statehouse, please take a moment to email your representatives and tell them how important this money is to your child’s education. 

This week the students and I have been investigating different risk factors that effect hearth health.  The teams of two have been working with different health issues and a solution to reduce the risk of heart problems.  They should have a rough draft on a planning sheet for both the poster design and paragraphs.  They have rubrics and criteria sheets.  We will be working on these in class this week and the final project is due Thursday.

Your student should be reviewing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

In Math, we are continuing with decimals.  Multiplication models and algorithms are what we have been working with in class. We start with a whole number and decimal.  Now we are trying our hand at a decimal multiplied by a decimal. 

Have a great weekend.  Do something fun in the sun – work on that vitamin D!





First, thank you! Thank You!  For the chocolate covered cherries and the Amazon Gift card.  I will be looking for something cool to buy for the classroom.  In addition, help me celebrate my birthday and honor my Nephew Michael McHenry by joining me at the 5:30 mass here Sunday. 


In the classroom, in Math we will be starting multiplication of decimals.  Hopefully this will look familiar since we did work with money earlier in the year.  After multiplication, we will tackle division.  So the next quiz on this will be March 24th. 


In health, we are working with the signs, risk factors and healthy heart habits.  The students will be designing informational posters by an area.  They are working with a buddy on this project.  This will be a health grade.  Rubrics will be coming home Monday.  Right now they are looking on Info Ohio for information.


Thanks and have a great weekend.


It’s Friday 3-4 and all through the school not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.  The banner are hang on the gym ceiling with care, in hopes that St. Brendan parent soon will be there….   Yes, it is action weekend and thanks to all of you who have made this event possible.  I love the different things … windows, air conditioning and computers your efforts have brought us. 

            Coming this week is several assessments:

                        Health Tuesday - they have a study guide and book pages look on B9 #1 and 5.

                        Math Friday – Chapter 3 Section 5 addition and subtraction of decimals

                        Social Studies – Mrs. S read question from the test in class today.

                        Spelling, as always, – Friday.


            This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday – the school mass is at 8:45 – you may want to join us.  And so starts Lent.  The student will be going for Reconciliation on Friday afternoon here soon.


            And last but not least – check the information about the rally.  Remember email and voice your opinion.  Go to the state house and show where you want your tax dollars to go.  For more information, see the email from Miss Lang.


Well another Friday has come and gone.  For the students trapped by ice and snow remember you need to make arrangements to make up missed graded work on Monday.  Plan on before or after school Monday or Tuesday.  Remember if this happens again when school is on a two hour delay, there is no lunch serviced.  Students need to bring their lunch and be in the classroom by 10:15. 

Today was a Friday folder day and Interims were sent.  This quarter has been strange in that between snow days, special events, and student lead conferences there have been few tests and quizzes to grade and assess how your student is doing.  In both fourth and fifth grade the tests were Thursday, so they did not show up in time for the interims.  You will need to watch the Friday Folders carefully for how your student is doing in Science, Health, and Math. In 5B’s folder was the Science and Math test.  5A will receive their tests back on Monday – not in a folder.  You will need to sign and return them Tuesday. 

We are now working on Chapter three in the Math book – decimals.  This week will bring adding and subtracting decimals.  It might be a great idea to send your student with graph paper.  I do not have any in the classroom.  This will help line up the needed places so that they will be successful with the calculations.

In Health, we will be looking at the skeletal system. This is just a quick unit before the circulatory system.  Do you know the signs of a heart attach?  Your son or daughter will be learning them.

And finally, again thank you for your cards, prayers, thoughts and wishes.  The outpourings of love and support at Valentine’s and with Michael’s death have meant the world.  It is now truly hitting so God Bless you all.  Hug your child and do something fun this week end.




A loaded Friday folder came home to day and should have contained third quarter materials.  Remember next week is interiums.  the folder in 5B contained 15 items including material on the Invention Convention.  In science we are wrapping up chemical and physical changes and will be having a test on it this coming Thursday.  Your student should have highlighted and detailed information about what the test is over.  In Math we have started work with decimals. 

Enjoy the long weekend and I will be ready to go next week with one final lab and then It is test time.  i also need to thank the student and parents who sent in food for the teacher on Valentine.  This was my first experience with a party.  It was fun and I have some great pictures. 


Feb. 4th


While we did not send home Friday folders today, there were several papers you should be aware of that did come home.  There is an auction-related envelope and a cafeteria statement.  The students received their updated report cards.  If your child had a blank or Inc., it is because assessed pieces were missing from the grade book. They will need to make this work ASAP.  Often they were out and work was done in class for which they needed to stay after school to do and they did not do this.  If your child earned honor roll, I will need to see that report card so I can give them the form and record their name for the office.  I am sorry I missed that piece with the visiting illustrators here today.

I hope you were able to enjoy having lunch with your child this week during Catholic Schools’ week.  I would like to thank the parents and Home and School for bringing Jeanette and Christopher Canyon to visit.  Both the students and I enjoyed singing along and seeing how they worked. 

Finally, there are papers you will see in the portfolios this Thursday and Friday at conferences that have not been sent home with the students so they could reflect on their work and set learning goals.  This Thursday evening or Friday morning, your child will present his/her work for the quarter in this required conference. Be sure to listen with an open ear to their learning story.

Finally, I can not thank you enough for your prayers as I have been recovering from a virus and bacterial infection as well as the death of my nephew.  Your kind thought and many prayers have helped greatly.

1-28  Thank you for your prayers and warm thoughts for Mike and his family.

         This coming week is student lead conferences.  This is a required conference during which your child will share their learning and progress during the first half of the year.  Be sure to sign up for these in a timely manner to avoid being hounded by Miss Lang and me.   There will be no Friday Folder this Friday since the students will need the materials for reflections and conferences.  Next week, the students will have a Math quiz on Chapter 1 sections 6 and 7.  Remember that answers to the odd questions are in the back of the book so students can practice.  Please check Mrs. Palatas website for anything I missed.  Report cards are coming home Monday, I think.        

 1-14     In 5B we have had several students out as well as the teacher this week.  Please remember that the sheets your student receives when they return tells them what they have missed.  Words like pop quiz, collected work and tests needed to be made up before or after school.  This work needs to be completed in a timely manner and at a time that fits the teacher’s schedule as well as yours.  The number of days out is the number of days your student has to complete the work without getting homework slips or “N’s.”             

     In math students are now working with Algebraic expressions pages 29 and 30 in the Math book.  They should continue to review past skills like double digit multiplication, powers and their basic facts.  Fluency in those facts is key to time spent on Math evaluations and work.  In Science we have been reviewing for our Final science test on Physical properties.  The test will be next week on Wednesday.  The students have had time in class and homework to be rereading the packets of information they received earlier.           

      In their Friday folders were only four things: 

         1.  Social Studies paper    2.  Quick check file cards – 2 on Order of Operations      3.  Pop Health quiz on vocabulary           

      Next week the students have several tests since it is the last week of the quarter.  There is a holiday on Monday so please enjoy.  Wednesday has the start of their Treasure’s test and Science test, Thursday has the rest of the Treasure’s test, and Friday has their Social studies and a spelling test.  The students have known this was coming and should have been studying a little each night. 

Best of luck this weekend.



Welcome back!  I hope you had a nice and relaxing holiday filled with laughter and wonder.  I had a busy holiday seeing family and friends, cooking and cleaning.  I would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to all the families for their thoughtful gifts.  I did enjoy eating out with various family members using gift cards instead of cash ( and not having to cook or clean up after!).  I can not say how many times I give thanks to God for the wonderful and generous families I am privileged to know.  Thank you for the cards, cookies, goodies and treats you sent.  And again thanks for making me apart of your holiday.  I will keep you all in my prayers and wish you a bright and joyous coming year.

You should have received a Friday folder today from your student.  In  the folder should should have been:

a. Two Social Studies papers

b. Chapter 9 - Religion Quiz

c. Reading Record

d. Dare Essay

e. The Math Christmas packet – Sum Surprises, etc.

f. Exponent and Powers Math quiz

g. 2 quick check – Order of Operations file cards

h. Grammar Quiz – Abbreviations

i. Cafeteria statement

Please check these pieces, since many are portfolio pieces. Remember to return the stamped pieces on Monday.


Upcoming events:

            Health Test on Stress – students should have notes and have been studying them this past week each night.  The Test will be on Thursday 1-13

            Math Quiz on Order of Operations – Wednesday 1-12

            Religion – open book on Wednesday or Thursday

            Spelling and grammar on Friday 1-14

            The Senior Spelling Bee on Friday 1-14 in the morning

            Mass Wednesday – no PE uniforms

            Treasures Test the following week!

            Science Mixture Test the week of  1- 21!


Hope this is helpful as the quarter winds down.

Have a Super weekend.




No Friday Folders today.  Enjoy your Holidays and be safe.




It is beginning to look a lot like chaos… I mean Christmas.  The students in 5B have been hard at work making Reindeer gift boxes with origami jumping frogs and other folded wonders for their buddies.  They will be giving these to their buddies next week as well as reading to their buddy different Christmas stories.  We have asked that this cute hand made gift be the only one given to the buddy this Christmas to prevent hunt feelings from other students who may not have a buddy who bought them something.  So please help us to avoid tears and do not let your student bring a buddy gift from home.  If you have purchased a gift …Hugs for Hope is still taking gifts through Monday.


Speaking of Hugs for Hope… The school sent hundreds of toys to Hugs for Hope today.  Thank you from bring in toys to brighten up a child’s hospital stay.  I know how much this toys mean since my nephew still has the toys he received from his stays in Children Heart Section.  J.O.I.N. also benefited from fifth grade efforts with the cleaning supplies sent to help families.  After the holiday, 5B will start collecting candle pieces to help the homeless stay warm on these cold winter nights.  Nathan Saunders is still collecting items for Capital Area Humane Society.


            This coming Tuesday the fifth graders will be working on their auction project.  If you have free time and can help out, let Kathy Harter know. 


            This is the last Friday Folder of the year.  Inside you should find the following papers:

                        1. Social Studies test (in a pear tree)

                        2.  Spruce up Your Math 

                        3.  Health Quiz

                        And 4 Language Arts pieces … sorry no gold rings!  But, in the mail today are the interims and Terra Nova results.  Be sure papers marked with the portfolio stamp are returned. 

            Next week in Math students will be reviewing graphing and multiplication.  In Health, we will be working with stress. 


Finally, congratulation to the 5B spelling representatives: Bella Hoersten and Maddie Schamer.  Thomas Clarke is the alternate.  May the wisdom of the Holy Spirit shine on you as you take on this spelling honor. 


May you have a stress free holiday and a wonderful New Year.


Lewis  12-17

Well it’s Friday again and the student will remind you that there are less shopping days until Christmas!  I hope you have taken time out of the busy schedule to do something special to prepare for Christ’s birthday.  The news said this morning that the need for help from families at the homeless shelter was up 4000 % from last year.  Now more than ever ... help is needed. 

At school there are several worthy projects doing on in fifth grade.  1.  Hannah Williams (5A) is asking for help with Hugs for Hope.  New toys for all ages are needed for Children’s Hospital – cardiac care patients.  The unwrapped gifts can be brought in up until December 17th.  2.  The students of the fifth grade are still collecting cleaning supplies for JOIN.  3.  New this week, Nathan Saunders (5A) is collecting items for the Capital Area Humane Society.  His list includes old fleece blankets with fringe or adornment, pet food and treats and of course pet toys.  Again anything you can do to help at this time would be appreciated and needed.

This coming week will be one of many events… Interims are being mailed on Friday December 17th for students who are struggling in different content areas or with specific skills.  This is also the dress down day for students who have not received a homework notice this first half of the quarter.  The date also marks the bake sale date.  I am confused as to who is to bring the items, the students say they are but the calendar says fourth grade.  Either way, quarters are needed for the purchase of goodies. 

Up coming tests and quizzes….  In Health the student will be having a Quiz on Friday on Character and good character traits.  Mrs. Hawley has been presenting information on this topic.  The students have also been reading about Health and have study sheets.  In Math, the quiz will be on exponents.  The best study guide is the book pages especially 20 and 21.  This quiz will be on Thursday.  On Friday, the other test will be in Language Arts with a Grammar Quiz.  This should take us up to the New Year for any others.  Please remember if your student misses assessed pieces, they must make them up right when they come back or make immediate arrangements with the teachers to make them up before or after school.

In the Friday Folder this week in 5B you should find:

            Common and Proper Nouns/Spelling test

            Two Reading Records

            Religion Test

            Mixtures Test

            Prime Numbers Test

            Divisibility Quiz

All of the above pieces were Portfolio pieces that need to be returned Monday.


Finally, the Christmas Party is coming on Monday December 20th.  I do not know any details as of yet.  But I do know buddy activities are being done next week.  Please be a great buddy and make a card but do not give a gift as it can hurt the feelings of other first graders who might not have gotten something from their buddy.

The Math book is on line at

When you get there:

1.   Select the Online Student Edition.  2. The user name is MAC105OH

And the password is nLA3ro2xi2.  3.  Select submit.  4.  Select Table of Contents.  5.  Select the unit and use the down arrow to go to the pages you would like.


Check this site out and make sure it works before you need it.  After you have bookmarked the site, remind students they will not have to bring home the heavy Math book in their backpacks.


Please have a joyous weekend and do something special for someone else this holiday.


Mrs. Lewis



Note: When fifth graders miss a Math or Science test, they will need to make it up before or after school on the next school day or as soon as possible.  This policy is stated in the School Handbook, page 14.4.  Your child can arrange the test time with me or you can e-mail me to set the time.  Making up a test promptly ensures that information that was studied is less likely to be forgotten, but a quick review before the make-up test is recommended.



 Once again it is Friday and time to fill you in on the week at school and upcoming events.         

In the core areas…. The students have finished physical changes and will be working in their Health books starting next week.  In their Friday folder this week, you received back their DARE test, and essay.  These grades will be part of the Health grade this quarter.  In addition, more material will be covered and added to this grade.  The first Health test will be Friday, December 17th. In Math, we started exponents today so there was no Math homework.  Students will be working with exponents next week and with order of operations coming up.  In the Friday folder, there was another division quiz – Turkey division and another basic facts and graphing piece.  The next Math test will be on exponents and prime factorization on Thursday, December 16th.  In other areas… I noticed on the calendar a Social Studies test on Friday, December 10th and A Treasure’s test on Wednesday December 8th.  In addition to the SS test, Friday will also have the usual Spelling grammar test.  See Mrs. Palatas and Mrs. Sheihk’s websites for details.         

Events …..         

          Next Wednesday is the Fourth grade play.  The school will see the play in the afternoon with parents in the evening.  You might want to mark a calendar for this date.  Also on Wednesday, there is a mass for the Immaculate Conception (a Holy Day).  So remember NO GYM UNIFORMS should be worn to school.  At this mass there will be a teacher choir performing.  Mrs. L can’t carry a tune that anyone would want to hear...but Mrs. Palatas will be singing.  See if you can make this mass at 8:45.         

          Tuesday morning, the fifth grade will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  On that day, they may want to bring a Bible or rosary with them to school.            

Service Projects –

        In the Friday folder or in the backpack since we had assembled our folder before the flyer came around is a Hugs for Hope flyer.  Hannah Williams (5A) is the student behind this fundraiser.  The flyer tells which NEW toys are needed by the hospital for their cardiac patients.  Please see the list and give if you can.   The unwrapped gifts can be brought in from Monday, December 6th to Friday, December 17th            

         In addition to the toys, the fifth graders are doing a service project in connection to their study of Baptism in Religion.  They are bringing in cleaning supplies for JOIN.  People who receive assistance for food and housing are not able to spend those dollars and cleaning items either household or personal.  So anything to help clean with is greatly appreciated and needed.           

In the folder…. In 5B’s Friday Folder were the following items….         

     For band students there was a reprint of the first quarter grades which included their Band grades.  Be sure to check this out.   Social Studies- Vocabulary Preview, Chapter 4 Test and A compare and Contrast paper.   Language Arts – Real World Reading, Spelling Test, Treasure’s Test and Reading Record.          Math/Science – Turkey Division, Divisibility Test, Mixture Test part 1 & 2, Observation work, Graphing and Basic Facts pieces and the DARE essay and Test.  Please be sure that stamped papers are returned to school on Monday for the students' portfolios.   There are quite a few!

This week also was the DARE graduation.  The students did a great job with their performances and presentation.  I was very impressed with the hard work the students and parents put into this event.  I know how important this program is to future choices and good decision making as the students get older.  I was impressed with your support of the student and this program.  Thank you for making this a BIG deal!!!  And special thanks to the room parents and Kathy Smith who made this night so special with their hard work.

Have a great weekend,

Lewis 12-3

I am wishing you and yours a Happy holiday.  I wanted to take this time to say how much I am enjoying working with your children.  I am thankful and count being able to teach them as one of my blessings.   

I was told that there will not be a Friday Folder on Tuesday, so I am sorry that I wrote there would be one.  Something but its a long time to remember where the folder was put and that cooking food and relatives are more important.  ( I agree with the relatives!)

Next week we will be finishing up mixtures with a lab on Tuesday.  A test on solutions and suspensions will be on Friday, 12-3.  In Math the students will have a quiz on Prime numbers and prime factorization. on 12-2.  Mrs. Duffey taught the students factor trees throughly and they have been doing well on their homework.  They students must memorize the Divisibility rules to do well with many of the comcepts we are working on now.  File cards with the rules may be helpful here. 

Enjoy the Turkey and see all after the holidays. 


As we approach Thanksgiving, the students will be working with mixtures in lab next week.  They are to bring a small flashlight if one is available to use in their lab.  Do not go out and buy one for the lab.   We had quizzes in both Math and Science this week.  So be looking for their return in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.

  In math we have started work in the Math book and are working with divisibility and prime factorization.  The students must know or memorize these rules.  They are in the math book and they were to write them in their spiral math notebook.  The quiz this week was on divisibility.  They will have a quiz after the Thanksgiving break on prime factorization.  After the Thanksgiving, quizzes will be on a weekly basis.  The Math book is on line at . 

When you get there:

1.   Select the Online Student Edition.  2. The user name is MAC105OH

And the password is nLA3ro2xi2.  3.  Select submit.  4.  Select Table of Contents.  5.  Select the unit and use the down arrow to go to the pages you would like.

Check this site out and make sure it works before you need it.  After you have bookmarked the site, remind students they will not have to bring home the heavy Math book in their backpacks.

  Speaking of backpacks, please check for toys, post it notes and fidgets.  Remove them from the backpacks.  Students should not be bringing these items to school.  Several Hexbugs and Legoes men have disappeared from the student’s desks.  Mrs. Palatas has always thrown theses items in the trash.  I have told the students this will be the fate of any and all toys seen in class.  If I want a toy for lab, it will be posted on the homework website. 


Thank you to those of you who have sent in restaurant gift cards for the Raffle Basket Collection.  I have seen very few cards come in the entire time this collection has been happening.  If you have not already done so, please send a restaurant gift card to school with your child next Monday or Tuesday.


Additional thanks to those families who sent in plastic grocery bags.  We “sacked” it to Sister when she came and talked to us about JOIN on Wednesday.  The fifth graders were able to present her with three trash bags full of bags for her to take back to JOIN.  We will be doing more with recycled items as the school year goes along.

            This month has been a difficult month for the students do to illness.  There has been a killer stomach ache going around.  The students who have had this complain of severe pain in the abdominal region.  They often feel hot and cold but do not have a temperature.  They can be up and running one minute and doubled over the next.  Please be aware this is going around.  The best remedy is bed rest.  The student who come to school with these symptoms, are usually going home ill.  Please remember that if your child is ill, they need to be fever and symptom free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.  Also, don't forget to call the Health Office at 529-9057, ext. 287 before 9:00 AM if your child is going to be absent or late.  Thanks so much! 

           On that same topic… The second frost has happened and for those us with seasonal allergies it usually means we can breathe again.  However, colognes, scented hand sanitizers and perfumes are really hard on those of us with allergies.  The scent of Axel cologne makes me nauseas.  I have had to open the windows to remove the scent.  Other students have been out sick from the illnesses started by their allergies.  Please, fifth graders do not need to be wearing cologne to school.  Help us all breathe easier by using unscented soaps and shampoos.    

  Upcoming events… 

DARE Graduation – you should have received information about this event in your Friday Folder.  If you did not receive or need more information contact the room mothers (Jill, Kathy, Sara, and Kary).  Remember the date is December 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm in the Multi- purpose room.  Students are to wear dress pants and their DARE t-shirt to graduation.  It is suggested that the students wear another t-shirt underneath as the Sharpies can bleed through.  Cleaning sharpie off a child’s skin is not easy.  The students are asked to bring their own special colored sharpie to the party.  Glitter anyone?  And as always there will be chocolate!!! 

Secret Santa will be held on Thursday December 2nd for 5B.  The little elves will be shopping between the hours of 8:30 and 9:00 that day.  So for great gifts at affordable prices… send cash with students and hint at the great gifts they can get for Great Aunt Willamia.  Helpers are needed.  

Needed – a great quality working pencil sharpener.  We have killed the two electric ones that are in 5B and one loaner.  The modern sharpeners can not handle the volume of colored and regular pencils that the students asked them to sharpen on a daily basis.  If you have a great electric or green (hand turned) pencil sharpener that we can use, it would be great.

Note: When fifth graders miss a Math or Science test, they will need to make it up before or after school on the next school day or as soon as possible.  This policy is stated in the School Handbook, page 14.4.  Your child can arrange the test time with me or you can e-mail me to set the time.  Making up a test promptly ensures that information that was studied is less likely to be forgotten, but a quick review before the make-up test is recommended.


10-13 Phase Change test

Students should be studying the following:

The hand outs were AIMS 5: How can matter change from one state to another?  And What's it... Matter?  Pages 18 to 21 with worksheet #9 and in the book pages E16 and E17.
9-27 Journal piece

Journal pieceDue Friday, Oct 1, 2010.Audience 4th gradersExplain how to solve this problem to a fourth grader How much money would each person in a group have to spend if there is $1,657.00 and 8 people?  Each person is to receive the same amount.  Any left over money well be given to charity. 

9-24  Friday Folder Information

The students took a pop quiz on the characteristics of the different state or phases of matter.  The quiz should have been in their Friday folder.  you will want to go over this with them and check for understanding of the missed material.

Test imformation - for Tuesday 9-28

Vocabulary list -

Vocabulary words

 Phase         Melting   State      Boiling   Freezing  Solid   Vaporization   Liquid   Gas   Combustion Deposition   Evaporation   Crystal    Amorphous  Sublimation   Condensation     Point           Absolute zero  Brownian motion

Worksheet - Study guides

       AIMS 2 Solids

      AIMS 3 Liquids

     AIMS 4 Gases

     AIMS - Fill-in the blank questions (chart is important)

     Aims - Phase Changes

      Particle pictures - 2 worksheets

      Review questions from page E19 in the Science Book

Your child should have grouped these papers together and starred them to study from at home.  They should have materials in the AIMS sheets and their notebook to help if there are voc. words they do not know.


Hopefully this will work for me this time.

Monday 9/20 - Students are drawing three particle pictures that represent a liquid.  Particle pictures are the drawings in blocks with circles in the boxes.  The pictures should represent the qualities that liquids have that are different from a gas and solid.  The students were asked to do these drawings on filler paper.


The students have been learning about phases of matter and today we introduced and reviewed phase changes.  Students should have notes from class and the different names of the phase changes. 


Tuesday 9-21 - 5A Science - They need to finish reading E16 through E19.  They write out and answerthe review questionson page E19 in their spiral notebook.

5B Science - They need to finish reading, highlighting and answering the questions on the worksheet.



5A Finish the classwork - worksheet - Waterworks and do the Meet in the Middle Worksheet

5B - Finish Worksheet Meet in the Middle