Fourth grade


Note: When fourth graders miss a Science test, they will need to make it up before or after school on the next school day or as soon as possible.  This policy is stated in the School Handbook, page 14.4.  Your child can arrange the test time with me or you can e-mail me to set the time.  Making up a test promptly ensures that information that was studied is less likely to be forgotten, but a quick review before the make-up test is recommended.

Welcome Fourth Grade Parents and Students!

9-24 Study for the quiz on Thursday.  Also, your students are rewriting their peanutbutter lab in cursive with a colorful drawing of their model to hand in for a grade.  Be sure to check for the following things in the lab:



Science 4A

Earth Lab



~ No holes in the paper or spiral ring pieces on the edges

~ Answers to the questions are in complete sentences

~ Your child drew the model using details and color

~ The paper does not have peanut butter on it

~ Your child wrote out and answered the following questions:

1.  The peanut butter is a model of the Earth's layers.  How many layers does this earth have? 2.  Which layer of the Earth do the crushed crackers represent?  Why do you think your model has a thick layer of peanut-butter but a thin layer of cracker crumbs? 3.  Scientists can see and understand complex structures better by making models of them.  What does the model show about the Earth's layers? What doesn't the model show about Earth's layers?  4.  You studied that the core was divided into 2 sections.  What are they called?  How could you make a model to show this? 5.  What changes would you make to the lab so that more people would be successful? 

9-23  The test on the layers and how we know about them is on Thursday, September 30th

Your child should be able to draw and label the different layers of the earth.  They should be able to tell you three ways sciencetist know about what is under the surface.  And they should be able to tell you the Earth's crust is divided into plates.

Right now in Science we are studying the  layers of the earth.  What are the major layers (there are three)?  How do scientists know about the main layers?  Of what are the main layers made?  Can you draw a cartoon of the layers with labels? 


This week we continue to study the Earth and its characteristics with information from Planet Earth Inside Out by Gail Gibson.


Homework for Monday 9-20

Write down five "cool" or new facts you learned from the book, Planet Earth Inside Out.