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Class Expectations and Requirements


You are required to read and comply with these expectations and requirements and to have your parent/guardians read this list of expectations and requirements and sign their names to the reverse side of this document


-My learning center is every Seminar...however; I stay after school nearly everyday until 3:30 or so, as a result we can schedule times as needed. See me ahead of time for this.

-Practice (homework) and study (reading for comprehension) are the keys to success in my classes. Failure to do either of these will result in poor grades averages and possibly, failure of the course.

-Limited bonus and extra credit are available. These will be discussed in detail later. Bonus is a way to improve an average and is not done in place of class work. All class work comes first.

-Homework comes in many forms (worksheets, key terms, reading, etc.) Homework must be turned in when it is due. All assignments will be written on the board, usually several days before they are due. Late work will not be accepted. While there are exceptions (death in the family, extended illness, etc.)...these will be dealt with on an individual basis. Because of the nature of the assignments, some homework will count more than others. You will always be notified of how much any given assignment is worth. It is your responsibility to take note of this and finish all work on time. How well you do your homework is a direct reflection of how well you will do on tests.

-Tests count as four homework grades. There are no retakes on tests. However you may do test corrections on two tests per quarter in an attempt to bring a low test grade up. Test corrections must be completed within five school days.

-This course will also have assessments. These assessments are cumulative.

-All make up work and corrections are to be done after school, not in class.

-You are not to receive any kind of help or assistance on quizzes, assignments, tests, etc. This or any other form of cheating will result in a zero for a grade. There are no second chances when cheating is a factor.

-If you need to contact me, my email address is:  Otherwise please call the school, leave a message, and I will call back as soon as possible. (252) 444-5112...

-Remember, the three abilities for success are Responsibility, Accountability, and Nobility. You have been taught correct principles and understand the difference between right and wrong. It is up to you to act in accordance with that knowledge and make a positive contribution to your world.

-My classroom tardy policy is the same as that in the student handbook and will be followed accordingly. In general, be in the room and at your desk ready to go when the bell rings.

-Classroom disruptions will not be tolerated. You are in this class to learn. You were provided with a "Student Policies and Regulations" handbook at the beginning of the school year. All rules and consequences will be enforced as outlined and defined by your handbook.

-In addition, the following will be emphasized and enforced by Coach McIntosh:

-In general, be reasonable with each other and think before you act. This will serve the purpose of keeping you in my classroom, where I can teach you and do you some good.

-Things like talking or making noises during lecture, throwing things across the room, passing notes, and other such types of grade school disruptions will not be tolerated. You are (young adults.) Act that way so I can treat you that way.

-Staplers, three hole punch, tissue paper, and the like are at your disposal throughout the classroom. Simply ask first to use these things or to leave your seat for any reason. Always, when in doubt...ask first.

-Do not write on my desks. Your parent's tax dollars bought them and you are not to deface/destroy any objects in the classroom. This also extends to your text books. It is your responsibility to take care of them.

-Always bring text book, notebook, workbook, and pen/pencil to class.

-Sleeping during class is not permitted. You can't learn while you are sleeping and you are here to learn.

-No Food or Drinks allowed in class.

Any violations will result in essays on various topics such as "Democracy", "Patriotism", "Civil Rights", etc. This is not punishment. This is giving you the extra help and learning you lost while you were disrupting my class. The essays are also a preventative measure to keep you out of chill out. Failure to do any assigned essay or refusal to do any class work will result is being written up, sent to chill out and/or dealing with an administrator. As I stated earlier, your goal is to stay inside my room and learn about History.

-Be prepared for class. All work and due dates will be written on the board, on a web site, and you will be given a pacing guide for the semester at the beginning of the course. You are expected to utilize this information.

-Respect my right to teach and other student's right to learn. Be polite and considerate of one another.



Frequently Asked Questions

(Email me any other questions that you may have and I will add them to the site as they come in)

1st Day of School

How is the Final Grade computed?
Your first quarter grade and second quarter grade, together, cout for 75% of your final grade. The Final Exam counts as 25% of your grade. The Final Grade is computed according to the following formula:

[3*(1st quarter ave.)+3*(2nd quarter ave.)+2*(Final Exam grade)] / 8

What are the general classroom rules?
1. Think first, and always be reasonable.
2. Please be courteous (to each other and the teacher)
3. Please raise your hand to speak in class.
4. Remain quiet when the teacher is talking; even if what I am saying doesn't apply to you, stay quiet so others can listen.
5. Please stay in your seats unless you ask to get up.
6. No food or drinks in my classroom (this is also a school-wide rule).
7. If you borrow, use, or move anything in the classroom, please put it back where you found it and the way you found it.
8. Lying , cheating, and/or copying will not be tolerated in my classroom.
9. In general, be nice to each other.

How are Tests and Homework graded?
A. Chapter tests count four times as much as homework, bonus, or notebook assignments.


Havelock High School Social Studies Department Mission Statement
Our mission is to thoroughly teach our individual courses, foster better citizens, and promote general research skills by being effective teachers, presenting the curricula in a stimulating manner, and providing feedback and/or evaluation of student progress.
School Phone Number: (252)444-5112 extension 2300
Fax Number: (252)444-5119