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     Hello to all of you visiting my site. I am looking forward to an exciting and wonderful school year. I was very pleased to meet all my 4th and 5th grade students this first week. Most of the students were in my class last year. This first week I have had the pleasure of meeting two new fifth graders who have joined our classroom. The students are all getting accustomed to one another and have shown excellent skills when it comes to helping one another on assignments.

     We have done quite a fair amount of learning this first week. The students are writing their autobiographies and creating self portraits to accompany them. In math we are learning basic concepts using TouchMath. Landforms and continents are areas we are covering in Social Studies, while in Science my eager learners are studying living and nonliving things. Next week we will be investigating plant and animal cells through the microscope.

     The students worked very hard this first week and learned new concepts. Some of these concepts they already knew. It was simply a matter of reawakening those marvelous brain cells after a long summer break. They did well. I am very proud of all of them. 

     As I expand my website I will keep you posted on homework assignments and important dates to mark on your calendars. Jahn School has many exciting events happening in the coming months, including an October Pumpkin Patch event on our school grounds. It will be worth attending!              

      Have a wonderful weekend! I hope to meet parents and other interested people in the near future. Bye for now, Ms. Melchert