Third Grade Strings

Third Grade Strings

Mrs. Fortmeyer's Class 2011

Mrs. Budzinskiy's Class 2011

Mrs. Cutler's Class 2011


Third Grade Strings

Third grade string students may choose to play violin, viola, or cello and are asked to rent their own instrument. Choice of instrument should be made based on student timbre preference (the sound they like: low=cello, medium=viola, high=violin). A rental night will be scheduled each fall to assist parents in choosing an instrument vendor. (September 15, 2011)

A good rental package should include an instrument & bow, case, rosin, shoulder rest or rock stop, music stand, and method book (Essential Elements Book 1 for Strings 2000 + CD), and insurance.

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In third grade, rote learning transitions to music reading.  Musical literacy involves so much more than simple de-coding of symbols.  Third graders begin to use the literacy skills they have already aquired to understand music through audiation as well as through visual symbols. 

Learning to play a musical instrument requires dilligent practice over time. Practicing at home is essential to growth. Simply playing through familiar songs over and over again is NOT practice. Parents can help students set specific goals that are both challenging and attainable goals for each practice session. Good 'practicers' know how to choose small 'chunks' of music that need work. They try to improve one thing at a time (pitch, rhythm, bowing, dynamics, tempo). Consistent practice over time (short sessions almost every day) works much better than one marathon practice session every week. 

Another important part of 3rd Grade Strings is the "Karate Belt" challenge.  Students earn colored "belts" (ribbons for their instrument case) by successfully performing each song in their "Black Belt" packet. The "Karate Belt" challenge (below) is intended to be a fun, motivational tool to encourage individual practice, rather than competition and comparisons.


White Belt Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Yellow Belt  French Folk Song
Orange Belt  Lightly Row
 Green Belt  Song of the Wind
 Purple Belt  Go Tell Aunt Rhody
 Blue Belt  Allegro
 Red Belt  May Song
 Brown Belt  Long Long Ago
 Black Belt  Perpetual Motion