Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher

Who am I?

Hello. My name is Nicole Pugh and I am a first grade teacher.

I grew up in Syracuse, Ny. In Syracuse, I attended Onondaga Community College. After attaining my Associates Degree in Childhood Education, I decided to further my education by transferring to S.U.N.Y Cortland, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Initial Certification in Childhood Education (1 - 6). I am currently enrolled at Le Moyne College in the Adolescent Education program, concentrating in Earth Science. 

I love teaching first grade. It is a time to experience important transitions and aquire new skills. During the year, your child will learn how to read, write stories, add, subtract, and so much more. I hope to instill a love of learning that will last. 

My philosophy of teaching:

       Every student is an individual, and has their own learning style. Therefore, it is important to consider the different learning styles of all students in the classroom when creating the learning environment and curriculum.

      I believe it is necessary to provide a safe place for students to learn, both physical and emotional. Every student should feel that they belong and find acceptance in the classroom.

     In creating a safe environment, I also think that it is important to have an interesting and creative environment, and provide meaningful assignments for students to encourage extending knowledge through critical thinking and creativity. Lessons should be interesting, and students should be able to explore and ask questions.

      When considering discipline, I will treat students with respect, warmth, and it must be carried out in a consistent manner.