What are the types of Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supply?

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The subsequent article discusses the Top types of Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supply in 2022. Many people feel that they ought to tolerate factory smokestacks that pollute. The air because of the industry’s importance to our economy.

In the form of electrostatic precipitation, electrostatic precipitators have been improving the environment and reducing pollution for more than a century.

Types of Electrostatic Precipitator

ESPs are categorize into different types, and here we will discuss each one in detail. The three types are:

• Plate precipitator

The power supply for electrostatic precipitators is commonly use to prevent air pollution and removes fine particles such as smoke and dust from the flowing gas. They are usually find in steel mills, thermal power plants and airports.

Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supply

• Dry electrostatic precipitator

Frederick Gardner Cottrell, a professor of chemistry, patented the first electrostatic precipitator in 1907. This electrostatic precipitator collected mist sulfate and lead oxide gas released from various acid production and smelting processes.

• Wet electrostatic precipitator

The most basic type of separator consists of a row of thin wires arranged vertically and a stack of flat metal plates arranged vertically and spaced 1 cm to 18 cm apart. First, the vertical panel passes horizontally through the airflow, then a large stack of panels.

Electrostatic force directs the ionized particles toward the grounded plate, and negative voltage ionizes the particles between the wire and the plate. When the particles collect on the bottom plate, they are remove from the air.

• Tubular precipitator

The separator collects dry contaminants such as ash and cement through the electrodes, and ionized particles flow through the funnel to extract particle buildup. By hitting the electrodes with a hammer, dust particles are collecte from the air flow.

This precipitator removes resin, oil, paint, tar, and tar residue by continuously spraying water over collectors. As a result, ionize particles are collecte from the sludge; they are more effective than dry ESPs.

As a single-stage precipitator, it consists of tubes arranged parallel to each other so that the electrodes are running in parallel.

Gas is make to pass through all the tubes and flow either upwards or downwards. The lines are arrange either circularly, squarely, or hexagonally honeycomb style. They find use in applications where sticky particles must be remove.

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