Mrs. Norma Martinez's English as a Second Language ESL Class


P.A.C.E. Construction


CBC News Indepth: Education

 My philosophy of education is that we should address the needs of the growing population of linguistically and culturally diverse students in our public schools. ESL and general education teachers need ongoing specialized training and skills in literacy instruction strategies. We need to be equipped with effective cross-cultural and second-language skills to reach every segment of the population. I will do everything possible to be a part of accomplishing this mission through teaching, research and service to every student assigned to my classes.

Professionally, I strive to model and reflect an appreciation for diversity. My teaching styles in the classroom are to provide significant learning experiences for all styles of learners. I will carry out activities that involve lectures, think pair share groups, cooperative groups, small group discussions, activities, simulations & role playing, and audiovisual materials. The main goal of teaching LEP students who are multicultural and second-language learners in education should include both the cognitive and affective domains of acquiring knowledge. I will not only impart knowledge, but strive to influence positive changes in attitudes and values through my courses.


CBC News Indepth: Education