Age of Reforms (Progressives) Outline Questions

Age of Reforms (Progressive Era) Outline Questions

1.  What was the Gilded Age and what was it characterized by?

2.  What was U.S. Grant known for during the Civil War, and how was his Presidency disappointing?

3.  What was The Credit Mobilier Scandal and who’s presidency was scared by this?

4.  What was the Whiskey Wing?

5.  How is President Grant’s administration an example of the Gilded Age?

6.  What were Political Machines?

7.  Who did they help, but what was the problem with Political Machines?

8.  What was Tammany Hall?

9.  Who was Boss Tweed?

10.  What was the Spoils System and how was it an example of the Gilded Age?

11.  What is a political reform?

12.  What was the Pendleton Civil Service Act?

13.  How was the Pendleton Civil Service Act and example of a political reform?

14.  What happened to was President James Garfield and what law did his death lead to?

15.  How did the hiring of government employees change as a result of the Civil Service Act?

16.  What was the purpose of the Settlement House movement?

17.  Who did the Settlement House movement try to help?

18.  What was the most famous Settlement House and who established it?

19.  How did the conditions of the Gilded Age lead to the Settlement House movement?

20.  What government service/jobs did the Settlement House movement lead to?

21.  Who was Florence Kelly?

22.  What reform movement was Frances Willard involved in?

23.  Who was Ida B. Wells, and what was she attempting to reform?

24.  What was Carry Nation famous for?

25.  What movement was Frances Willard and Carry Nation associated with, and what law was eventually passed because of that reform movement?

26.  Who were the Populists?

27.  What is the law of Supply and Demand?

28.  Describe the 5 key points of the Populist Platform.

29.  Why did Populists oppose large corporations and what law do you think may have resulted because of this?

30.  Why did they want the Federal Government’s powers to be expanded (abandon Laissez Faire)?

31.  Why did Populists want money to be backed by silver as well as gold?

32.  Why did Populists prefer graduated income tax rather than a flat tax?

33.  How would “Free Silver” lead to inflation?

34.  Why would farmers like the inflation caused by “Free Silver?”

35.  Why would Businessmen dislike “Free Silver?”

36.  What did the “Cross of Gold” speech have to do with “Free Silver,” and who gave the speech?

37.  Describe 5 laws passed because of the Populists.

38.  What was the Progressive Era?

39.  Who did the Progressives believe needed to implement the reforms they proposed?

40.  What was the difference between the Progressives and Populists?

41.  What were Muckrakers and what was their objective?

42.  Why were Mugwumps viewed as traitors?

43.  What affect did Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle have?

44.  How was Ida Tarbell, Frank Norris, and Jacob Riis an example of Muckrakers?

45.  Who were the Naturalist novelists?

46.  How were Muckrakers part of the Progressive movement?

47.  How did the “Social Gospel” support the Progressive movement?

48.  Because city government was so corrupt during the gilded age, what reforms did the progressives want for city government?

49.  Even state governments were corrupt.  What were the main reforms the progressives supported for the state governments?

50.  What was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and how did it affect local and state governments?

51.  Describe the main progressive reforms for the Federal Government?

52.  What were the reasons for the Temperance Movement?

53.  What were Teddy Roosevelt’s major policies?

54.  What is a policy?

56.  What was Teddy Roosevelt’s bully pulpit, and what did he use it to do?

57.  Why did people call Teddy Roosevelt a “Trustbuster” and how did he feel about them?

58.  What role did Teddy Roosevelt play in conservation?

59.  When labor unions went on strike, what was Teddy Roosevelt know for?

60.  What steps did the Federal Government take under President Teddy Roosevelt towards consumer protection?

61.  How did President Taft get elected?

62.  Why did Teddy Roosevelt abandon the Republican Party and establish the Bull Moose Party?

63.  Why did President Woodrow Wilson win the 1912 Presidential election?

64.  What was President Wilson’s Policy called?

65.  Describe the main aspect of “The New Freedom.”

66.  What is a tariff?

67.  Why would American businesses dislike lowering tariffs?

68.  What would be the purpose of the government lowering tariffs?

69.  Why would consumers prefer lower tariffs?

70.  What would be the purpose of the government raising tariffs?

71.  What was the Underwood Tariff?

72.  Why was the 16th Amendment passed?

73.  Describe the main purposes of the Federal Reserve created by President Wilson.