U.S. Hist Civil Rights Research Activity





Use your text, library, computers, etc. to answer the questions below.

Identify the following terms, events & people.


1.  segregation:



2.  integration:



3.  de facto segregation:


4.  de jure segregation:



5.  What did Jackie Robinson do to impact the civil rights movement

      n 1947?



6.  Describe the significance of Brown v. Board of Education, 1954.






7.  What started the Montgomery Bus Boycott?




8.  Describe the significance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.





9.  What brought attention to Elizabeth Eckford in 1957?




10.  Identify the Civil Rights Act & who was US President when the

     acts passed.


          A.  Civil Rights Act of 1957



          B.  Civil Rights Act of 1960



C.  Civil Rights Act of 1964



          D.  Civil Rights Act of 1968




11.  Describe the role of  the following individuals & groups in the Civil

       Rights Movement.


          A.  Martin Luther King Jr.








          B.  Malcolm X





          C.  NAACP





          D.  The National Urban League


          E.  SCLC





          F.  Black Muslims




          G.  Black Panthers




          H.  Kerner Commission



          I. SNCC





          J.  Freedom Summer




          K.  Bull Conner




12.  Identify the voting acts and tell who was US President when the acts



          A.  Voting Rights Act 1965




          B.  Voting Rights Act 1970




          C.  Voting Rights Act 1975



          D.  Voting Rights Act 1982


13.  Define Affirmative Action. How did this apply to Bakke v.





14.  The Supreme Court cases listed below were heard by the Earl

       Warren Court and decisions were handed down during the Civil

       Rights Movement.  Explain their significance.


          A.  Yates v. United States



          B.  Engle v. Vitale



          C.  Griswold v. Connecticut



          D.  Mapp v. Ohio



          E.  Gideon v. Wainwright



          F.  Escobedo v. Illinois



          G.  Miranda v. Arizona




15.  Define counterculture. Give examples.






16.  Define the ERA. Who was Betty Friedman?



17.  What are some black achievements after the Civil Rights








18.  How did John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier impact African













19.  How did Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society impact African







20. Identify the role of the following individuals during the Civil Rights



          A.  Orville Faubus




          B.  George Wallace




          C.  James Meredith



          D.  Elizabeth Eckford



          E.  Fannie Lou Hamer




          F.  Anne Moody



          G.  Paul “Bear” Bryant




21.  1968 was a terrible year during the Civil Rights Movement.  What

       2 tragic events happened in 1968?