U.S. Hist: Cold War Questions and Vocabulary

Cold War Unit Questions for Study

1.  What was the Cold War?

2.  How did the differences at the Yalta Conference between the Western Allies (Churchill and Roosevelt) and Stalin foreshadow the Cold War?

3.  What was the Potsdam Conference, and how did it lead to the Cold War?

4.  How was the city of Berlin a particular problem?

5.  What did Winston Churchill mean when he said an “Iron Curtain has descended across Europe?”

6.  Why did the U.S. have to conduct the “Berlin Airlift?”

7.  In 1947, what happened in Greece and Turkey that concerned the U.S.?

8.  Why would Joseph Stalin have a problem with the Truman Doctrine?

9.  What was America’s Cold War policy of Containment?

10.  What were the three main purposes of the Marshall Plan?

11.  Why was 1949 for the U.S. in its attempt to prevent Soviet expansion and the spread of Communism?

12.  Who was Mao Zedong?

13.  What was the 2nd Red Scare?

14.  Who were the Rosenberg, and how did they contribute to the Red Scare?

15.  Who was Joseph McCarthy and how did he contribute to the Red Scare?

16.  What did HUAC have to do with the Red Scare?

17.  How did the case Dennis v. the U.S. affect American civil liberties?

18.  Why did the U.S. go to war in Korea?

19.  What did the Korean War have to do with containment?

20.  What is an armistice and what is the 38th Parallel?

21.  What is the situation with North Korea today?

22.  What was the purpose of NATO, and what was the Warsaw Pact?

23.  What was the importance of Sputnik, how did it change America?

24.  Why was the Berlin Wall such a big issue during the Cold War?

25.  What is Propaganda and what was Radio Free Europe?

26.  Although the U.S. and Russia never actually went to war, where did the Cold War turn Hot?

27.  What was the Domino Theory?

28.  Who was Fidel Castro and why was he a problem for the U.S. during the Cold War?

29.  What was President Kennedy’s goal for establishing the Peace Corp and Alliance for Progress?

30.  What was the Bay of Pigs and why was it an embarrassment for President Kennedy?

31.  What were the results of the Bay of Pigs?

32.  What caused the Cuban Missile Crisis?

33.  What resulted from the Cuban Missile Crisis?

34.  Why did the U.S. become involved in a war in Vietnam?

35.  What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

36.  How did Television affect the war in Vietnam?

37.  What was Kent State?

38.  What was the outcome of the war in Vietnam?

39.  What was the War Powers Act?

40.  What did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and Vietnam have to do with the War Powers Act?

41.  How did the war in Vietnam contribute to the 26th Amendment to the Constitution?

42.  How does the 26th Amendment reflect the idea that the U.S. Constitution is a living document?

43.  What was the result of President Richard Nixon’s policy of Détente?

44.  What was President Jimmie Carter’s effect on Détente?

45.  Who said “Tear Down this Wall,” and to what was he referring?

46.  What was Perestroika and Glasnost?

47.  What was the result of Perestroika and Glasnost?

48.  What was important about the year 1989 regarding the Cold War?

Cold War Vocabulary


1.  Cold War

2.  Yalta Conference

3.  Potsdam Conference

4.  Berlin

5.  East Berlin

6.  West Berlin

7.  Iron Curtain

8.  Winston Churchill

9.  Joseph Stalin

10.  Blockade

11.  Berlin Airlift

12.  Truman Doctrine

13.  Containment

14.  The Marshal Plan

15.  strategic bombing

16.  infrastructure

17.  The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

18.  Mao Zedong

19.  2nd Red Scare

20.  The Rosenbers

21.  McCarthyism

22.  House Committee On Un-American Activities (HUAC)

23.  Dennis vs. the U.S.

24.  Korean War

25.  38th Parallel

26.  North Korea

27.  South Korea

28.  Armistice

29.   NATO

30.  Warsaw Pact

31.  Mutual Defense Organization

32.  International Organization for Mutual Assistance

33.  The Space Race

34.  Sputnik

35.  National Defense Education Act

36.  Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.)

37.  Berlin Wall

38.  Propaganda

39.  Mass Media

40.  Radio Free Europe

41.  3rd World Country

42.  Domino Theory

43.  Southeast Asia

44.  Fidel Castro

45.  Peace Corps

46.  Alliance for Progress

47.  Harry S. Truman

48.  Dwight D. Eisenhower

49.  John F. Kennedy

50.  Bay of Pigs

51.  Cuban Missile Crisis

52.  Brinkmanship

53.  Mutually Assured Destruction

54.  Ho Chi Minh

55.  Vietcong

56.  Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

57.  Congressional Declaration of War

58.  War Powers Act

59.  Kent State

60.  26th Amendment

61.  Détente

62.  SALT

63.  Gorbachev

64.  Evil Empire

65.  Glasnost

66.  Perestroika

67.  1989, Berlin Wall Fell