US Hist: Industrialization Outline Questions

Industrialization Outline


1.  What was the Industrial Revolution?

2.  When and where did it begin?

3.  Describe how life was different before and after the Industrial Revolution.

4.  What is Industrialization?

5.  What is Mass Production and what effect does it have?

6.  How did the machines invented during Industrialization affect people’s jobs?

7.  Describe the work done in factories and how it affected pay.

8.  What problem did many children face during Industrialization?

9.  What were the working conditions like in the factories?

10.  What is Urbanization?

11.  How did Industrialization contribute to the Urbanization of America?

12.  What is the difference between Urban and Rural?

13.  What does the work Labor refer to when discussing Industrialization?

14.  Why would factory owners prefer to higher immigrants?

15.  Why were immigrants, women and children referred to as Cheap Labor?

16.  How does cheap labor keep operating costs low?

17.  Industrialization resulted in many new inventions, especially for farming.  What affect did this have?

18.  What happened to the United States as a result of Industrialization?

19.  How was Industrialization beneficial?

20.  How did industrialization create an ecological problem?

21.  What were some other problems caused by Industrialization?

22.  What were tenements and how were they a problem during Industrialization?

23.  Because cities grew so big so fast as a result of Industrialization, what were some of the problems?

24.  What was Henry George’s book Progress and Poverty about?

25.  What were the social contrasts he described?

26.  Why did people call the time period of the late 1800’s the Gilded Age?

27.  What were some of the new inventions of the Industrial Revolution that fueled its progress?

28.  How did the telegraph revolutionize communication?

29.  How did the steam engine transform the world?

30.  What was so important of the Bessemer Process?

31.  How did the Railroad transform America?

32.  How did Railroad corruption contribute to the transformation of America’s economy?

33.  What was the importance of the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission?

34.  Who was Adam Smith and what was his book about?

35.  What is Capitalism characterized by?

36.  What is the biggest concern in capitalism?

37.  Why had there been very little regulation of business?

38.  During the Gilded Age, why was corruption such a possibility?

39.  Why did the Federal Government begin regulation of the economy?

40.  What is a muckraker?

41.  Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, what was it about?

42.  How did the Jungle contribute to the transition of America’s economy from laissez faire economy to a more regulated economy?

43.  The Meat inspection act, Pure Food and Drug Act, and ICC are all example of what?

44.  What did huge businesses called Monopolies cause the Federal Government to do?

45.  What is a monopoly and how does it affect competition?

46.  How did monopolies contribute to America’s transition towards a more regulated economy?

47.  What is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration?

48.  What was the Sherman Anti-trust Act, and what was a trust?

49.  Describe and show how the two dominant Industrial Philosophies different.

50.  Why would an Industrialist (factory owner) support ideas like Laissez Faire and Social Darwinism?

51.  Why would an Industrialist not favor Government Regulations or Gospel of Wealth?

52.  What is the difference between Robber Barons and Captains of Industry?

53.  Who were the 4 biggest Industrial leaders of the Gilded Age?

54.  Describe the particular industry each of those 4 men were most involved in.

55.  What led to the development of Labor Unions?

56.  What is the purpose of a labor union?

57.  What was the American Federation of Labor and who founded it?

58.  What groups did the AFL accept?

59.  What was the Knights of Labor, and what groups did it accept?

60.  What weakened the Knights of Labor?

61.  Why would Industrialists dislike people like Mary Harris (Mother Jones)?

62.  What was the Haymarket Riot and how did it affect the labor movement in the U.S.?

63.  What does “The New Wave of Immigration” refer to?

64.  How was the “New Wave” different from old immigration to the U.S.?

65.  Why did members of the New Wave of Immigration face discrimination?

66.  What were 3 major results of Immigration to the U.S. in the late 1800’s?

67.  What is Xenophobia?

68.  What was the Chinese Exclusion Act?