Western Civ French Revolution

French Revolution and Age of Napoleon Questions


1.  What were the 2 long term trends contributing to the outbreak of the French Revolution?

2.  Describe the French social structure of the late 18th Century using the 3 Estates.

3.  What was the Estates General?

4.  Why did the 3rd Estate have a problem with how the Estates General was set up?

5.  What led to the creation of the National Assembly and what were the Tennis Court Oaths?

6.  When the people of Paris heard rumors of the king trying to disband the National Assembly, what happened?

7.  What is considered the beginning of the French Revolution?

8.  As word spread outside of Paris and throughout the country, how did the people react?

9.  What is meant by the Old Regime?

10.  During the first stage of the French Revolution, what type of government did they establish?

11.  What was the result of the First Stage of the Revolution?

12.  What was the Second Stage of the French Revolution characterized by?

13.  Why did the Second Stage become so radical?

14.  What was the Reign of Terror?

15.  How did the Reign of Terror end?

16.  What was the Directory?

17.  How did Napoleon come to power in France?

18.  What happened to France’s enemies after Napoleon came to power after 1799?

19.  What was the Napoleonic Code?

20.  How did the Napoleonic Code affect political ideas of the rest of Europe?

21.  What contributed to the rise of nationalism throughout Europe?

22.  What contributed to Napoleon’s downfall?

23.  What was Scorched Earth Policy?

24.  What was the outcome of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia?

25.  What is the significance of the Battle of Waterloo?

26.  What was the Congress of Vienna?

27.  Who was the Old Order?

28.  What did the Old Order want?

29.  While the Old Order returned to power in 1815, what affect did the French Revolution and Napoleon have on Europe?

30.  What was 19th Century Liberalism?

31.  How would the 19th Century Liberalism movement affect Europe?

32.  Who were the 19th Century Liberals?

33.  What did they want?

34.  Liberalism led to the rise of what social class throughout Europe?

35.  How did the rise of the Middle Class affect  Europe by the end of the 19th Century?