Western Civ. Middle Ages

The Middle Ages Questions


The Middle Ages Questions


1.  What conditions contributed to the down fall of the Roman Empire?

2.  What was the immediate cause for the fall of the Western Roman Empire?

3.  When did the Western Roman Empire collapse?

4.  What happened to the Eastern Roman Empire?

5.  What happened to civilization in Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire?

6.  What was the only aspect of the Roman Government to survive the collapse?

7.  How did “The Church” become the dominate feature of Medieval European Society?

8.  Describe the new culture that developed in Europe after Rome collapsed.

9.  What are the Romance Languages and how did they develop?

10.  What were the major Germanic Kingdoms that came to power after Rome collapsed?

11.  Describe some of the major characteristics of early Germanic culture.

12.  What were the main characteristics of Germanic Government?

13.  What was Germanic Law based on and how was it different from Roman Law?

14.  What was the Ordeal?

15.  Who were the Franks and why were they important?

16.  Who was Clovis and what was important about him?

17.  What is the Pope and the Vatican?

18.  What is the Petrine Doctrine?

19.  Describe the structure of The Church?

20.  What was Monasticism and what was so important about it?

21.  Who was St. Patrick, and what is so important to Western Civilization about what he did?

22.  What is the religion of a Muslim?

23.  Where was Islam born?

24.  Who was the founder and prophet of Islam?

25.  How did Mohammed come up with his new religion?

26.  What happened to Mohammed when he told people about his new religion?

27.  Who is the god of Islam, and what do they say about him?

28.  What do Muslims have in common with Christianity and Judaism and how is it different?

29.  What is the Hegira?

30.  What is the holy book of Islam?

31.  What are the 5 Pillars of Faith?

32.  What are some of the other beliefs of Islam?

33.  Who was Abu Bakr?

34.  What is a Caliph?

35.  What happened to Islam after Muhammad’s death until about 750 A.D.?

36.  What was the importance of the Battle of Tours in 732 A.D.?

37.  How did a split in Islam develop?

38.  What was the Merovingian Dynasty?

39.  Why did the Merovingian Dynasty become weak?

40.  What was a Mayor of the Palace?

41.  Who was Charles Martel?

42.  Who was Pepin the Short, and how did he come to power?

43.  What Dynasty did Pepin establish?

44.  Who was Charles the Great?

45.  How did he affect Medieval Europe, politically and culturally?

46.  What caused the Downfall of Charlemagne’s Empire?

47.  What happened after Charlemagne’s Empire collapsed?

48.  What affect did the Viking Invasions have?

49.  After the collapse of government when the Roman Empire fell, as well as Charlemagne’s Empire, how were people able to maintain some sort of order?

50.  What is Feudalism?

51.  Lord

52.  Vassal

53.  Fief

54.  Forfeit

55.  Nobility

56.  Chivalry

57.  What is Manorialism?

58.  Peasant

59.  What were the main characteristics of a Manor?

60.  Why did a Manor have to be self-sufficient?

61.  What made the Medieval Church so powerful?

62.  What are Clergy?

63.  How did Clergy end up with a conflict of interests, and what did it often result in?

64.  What does it mean that the Church was a State in its own right?

65.  What is Canon Law?

66.  What were Sacraments and why were they important?

67.  What was Excommunication and Interdiction?

68.  What is the difference between Secular Clergy and Regular Clergy?

69.  Describe some of the other functions and powers of the Church?

70.  What were the 7 Sacraments?

71.  What is Lay Investiture and why would Lay Investiture be so controversial?

72.  What people lived in England up until the Collapse of Rome?

73.  How long did Rome control England, and why did Rome pull out of England?

74.  What happened when Rome pulled out of England?

75.  How did the language of “Old English” develop?

76.  What happened to Saxon England during the 9th Century?

77.  What was the importance of Alfred the Great?

78.  Describe government under the Anglo-Saxon Kings of England.

79.  Who was William the Conqueror and what happened in 1066?

80.  How did the Norman Conquest affect the English Language?

81.  What did William do to establish a strong centralized kingdom?

82.  What was the Great Council?

83.  In 1215, the power of the English King was significantly limited.  What caused this?

84.  What was Magna Carta?

85.  Describe some of the Main Principles of Magna Carta.

86.  In 1295, the English Kings’ power was further limited.  How?

87.  What is Parliament?

88.  What gave Parliament power over the king.

89.  As a result of Parliament, how would the law of England be determined?

90.  What were the Crusades?

91.  What caused the Crusades?

92.  What were the results of the Crusades?