Western Civ: Small Kingdoms to Persian Empire Outline

Ancient Small Kingdoms to Persia Outline

1.  What happened in the ancient world around 2000 B.C.?

2.  Describe the results of what was happening.

3.  Where did the Hittite Empire come from?

4.  During what time period were they at their height?

5.  What type of people were they?

6.  What is the importance of the Indo-Europeans?

7.  Where did the Indo-Europeans come from?

8.  Which group of Indo-Europeans settled Anatolia?

9.  What contributed to the success of the Hittite Empire?

10.  What were the Egyptians doing while the Hittites were building their Empire?

11.  What caused the Battle of Kadesh?

12.  What fought the battle of Kadesh, what was the outcome?

13.  How did the Battle of Kadesh result in a power vacuum?

14.  What was the result of this power vacuum?

15.  What was the fate of the Hittites after Kadesh?

16.  What was the Era of Small States?

17.  One of the most famous of these small states that arises from this power vacuum was the Hebrews.

18.  What was the main contribution of the Hebrews?

19.  What is considered the beginning of the Hebrews/Israelites?

20.  What affect did Abraham’s “test of faith” have?

21.  Who was Joseph?

22.  What happened to the Hebrews when Egypt fell on hard times?

23.  What was the Exodus?

24.  What had happened to the Hebrews’ religious beliefs while in Egypt?

25.  How did Moses affect the beliefs of the Hebrews?

26.  What was the Covenant?

27.  How was their religion different from other people of the time?

28.  When was the Kingdom of Israel created?

29.  Where did the word Jew come from and what happened to the kingdom of Israel around 930 B.C.?

30.  What happened to the northern Kingdom of Israel?

31.  What happened to the southern Kingdom around 586 B.C.?

32.  What was the Babylonian Captivity, and to the Jewish culture and religion?

33.  What happened when the Persians conquered the Babylonians?

34.  What was the Diaspora?

35.  Who were the Phoenicians, and how was their economy different?

36.  How was the Phoenician Empire different and what were their colonies?

37.  What was Carthage?

38.  What was one of the Phoenician’s greatest contributions to Western Civilization?

39.  How was it different from previous forms of writing?

40.  How did the Phoenicians contribute to cultural exchange?

41.  What did the Assyrian Empire represent for Mesopotamian Culture?

42.  What contributed to the Assyrian Empire’s collapse?

43.  Why were the Assyrians so deliberately cruel?

44.  What was the importance of the city of Nineveh and where is located today?

45.  What was the Chaldean Empire?

46.  List 3 important aspects of the Chaldean Empire?

47.  Who was Nebuchadnezzar?

48.  How large was the Persian Empire and how long did it last?

49.  Who were the Persians?

50.  How did the Persians contribute to cultural transmission?

51.  Who was Cyrus the Great?

52.  How was Cyrus the Great different from other rulers of that time?

53.  How was Persian rule different from other empires?

54.  What did the Persians copy from the Assyrians and how did it help the Persian Empire?

55.  What religion developed during the Persian Empire?

56.  Who was Ahura Mazda?

57.  Who was Ahriman?

58.  What were their main beliefs?

59.  Who was Darius, and what happened after him?

60.  Who was Alexander the Great, and what role did he play in Persian history?