Class Rules and Mission Statement

Our students created the rules and mission statement which they believe should be followed this year.

We are quite proud of the high standards which they have set for themselves!


Mission Statement

The mission of Mrs. Trombly's 3rd grade class is to get a good education, to prepare us for 4th grade, and to become more responsible students. We will come to school every day, work hard, get good grades, pay attention, be prepared, do our homework, and never give up! We will always do our best and treat others with respect at all times. We will do this so we will learn as much as possible, pass the FCAT, and continue to want to learn so that we will turn into good grown-ups.

Class Rules

We will...

1. Be respectful to everyone.

2. Keep the school/classroom sage.

3. Raise a quiet hand.

4. Follow adult directions.

5. Ignore inappropriate behaviors.


Wink Always do our best! Wink