6th grade page

Sixth grade language arts is currently working on sentence structure (Chapter One in their English Book) and short stories in their literature text. They are working on literary terms such as characters, plot, setting, theme, main ideas, point of view, and imagery. We wrote and turned in a descriptive paper. Students worked with their peers on editing. This week we are finishing up our short story unit. We are scheduled to take a 100-point test over the stories and terms on Tuesday, September 20. Students were given notes of what would be on the test. Then we will be working on and finishing up chapter one in the English book (sentence structure).


Tuesday of the Other June

Stolen Day

Raymond's Run

The Wish

Lob's Girl

Thunder Butte

The Dog of Pompeii

The Sand Castle


The Empty Box


Students read AR books during my class. I set their goals. If you would like to have computer access to your child's AR test results and books that they have read, you may have your child get a permission slip from me with an access code. You will be able to monitor their progress throughout the year. Students should be at 50% of their goal by Friday, September 16th.