Health 6-8


Health – 6th Grade 

I am currently leading 6th grade in a discussion based class on the topics of personal hygiene, anxiety, how to relate to  your teacher, healthy eating, and standing up for yourself, .  These are all articles in the Current Health magazine that we are using at this time.  We will be discussing these topics next week as well. 

7th Grade 

7th grade is currently discussing how to make new friends, anxiety, abuse of prescription drugs, warming up before exercise, meningitis, and making sure websites are credible when doing health research on-line.  We will continue with these discussions next week as well.  These are all articles in their Current Health magazines. 

8th Grade 

The 8th grade just finished their food journals.  They were to write down everything they ate for a week.  It was to be organized by day and meal.  They were also to log any physical activity they did.  We have spent the last three health classes in the computer lab where they have been looking up how many calories there are in the foods they eat and how many calories they burn in their activities.  I believe it was very eye opening for a lot of them.   Next week we will begin some discussion based classes on similar topics as the 7th grade.