Objective page

Second Grade Objectives for the week of  Oct. 1 - Oct. 8


Spelling Test:

Spelling Test Friday:  bone, robe, use, these, rope, note, cute, close, hope, those, one, goes,

Challenge Words:  drove, mule


 Reading- Read story - "Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night"

* Question different parts of a story

* identify fantasy and realism in the story

* Context clues/multiple meanings of words

* Vocabulary, high-frequency words, and key vocabulary

* synonyms

*Story structure


*Short vowel sounds

*cvce pattern

*Story structure



* Punctuation marks:  declarative (.), interrogative (?), commands (.), and exclamatory (!) sentences.

* Follow the writing process:  Brainstorm/topic, First draft, second draft, Revise/proofread, and Final copy.


*Chapter 3  Reading data, charts, tables

* Represent data using a table, make predictions using a table

*apply, read, create different types of graphs- pictographs, tally tables, bar graphs, etc.

* addition strategies - count on doubles , doubles plus one, sums

*add multiple digits

* add 3 addends


* Introduce Chapter 2 - Animals

Group animals by their characteristics

*Basic needs of plants and animals

*how they adapt

*backbones/without backbones

* Chapter 3 How plants and animals live together

Social Studies:

   * Land masses are called continents

   * Lacate continents and oceans on a map

    * Recog. we live in North America

   * Promoting the common good.


Important Dates:

North Wood Girls Tourn - Oct . 4th, 5th, and 7th.

End of Quarter October 15th.

Parent Teacher Conferences - Oct. 18 - Oct. 21st.

No school Oct. 22nd.

 NO RUBBER BANDS - of any kind to be brought to school by students.  Students are playing with them: flipping things and each other, putting them on their fingers, arms so tight it is cutting off the blood to their fingers and hands.

If they bring rubber bands I throw them away.  So please tell your child not to bring them to school.  Thank you for your understanding I don't want your child to get hurt from flying objects or lose a finger or hand.

Please have you child dressed for the weather.  They want to go outside for recess.  He/She will need a jacket and shoes (not flipflops) on before I will let your child go outside. Thanks, Miss Todd