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Due to many reasons such as domestic papermaking equipment, paper, China Sketchbook manufacturer,and existing paper types, there is still a transition period between the old and new standards. As of 2013, the cutting specifications are largely: large 16 format 210 × 297 (mm), large 32 format 148 × 210 (mm) and large 64 format 105 × 148 (mm); the positiveness is: 16 format 188 × 265 (mm), 32 format 130 × 184 (mm), 64 format 92 × 126 (mm).

No matter how you customized your Fashionable Lined Journal, be sure that it stands out from any other notebook you may own. It may be ideal to have a promotional notebook made specifically for corporate meetings. This way you can purchase extra custom notebooks for daily use and other types of activities.

While you can customize the outside of a Chinese notebook manufacturer, you can also select extra items that you'll find helpful to have included with your notebook.