Driving Safely At Night-Time

Night driving is risky compared to daytime driving. Most car accidents happen at night. If you must drive at night it is important to fully understand the tips and safety measures of night driving.

Tips For Safe Driving At Night

If you must drive at night, then you should pay attention to the following safety tips for safe night driving.

  1. Configure the Headlights

Headlights are very useful at night and therefore they ought to be configured right. They should point correctly at the road. They should not point too low or too high.


Find a mechanic to help you with headlights aiming. This will improve your visibility at night. Also, ensure the glass of the headlights is clean and free from dust.


Dim the Inner Lightings

In modern-day cars, there are several lights on the dashboard, some of these can be very bright causing an obstruction.


These lights cause reflection on the windshield which lowers visibility.


To reduce the chances of a car accident, it is important to dim these lights and make the inner part of your car as dark as possible.


  1. Be Mindful Of The Oncoming Vehicles

The rule is to dim the light when there is oncoming traffic. However, most drivers make the mistake of staring at the lights of the oncoming traffic. This causes your eyes to lose focus and can cause a car accident due to unclear visibility.




  1. Mind the Wild Animals

It is very likely for you to encounter wild animals when driving at night. Therefore, you should be able to easily detect them early enough to avoid hitting them.


Most animals produce reflection when light is shown in their eyes. You should be alert so that you can detect these wild animals.


  1. Clean your Windshield

A windscreen might appear clean during the day but while driving at night some streaks may show which can cause glare.


It is important to clean the windshield if you will be driving at night.


These few tips will help you to have a safer night-time driving experience.


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