If Car Windows get Chipped, do you Need to Replace Window Tinting?

Window tinting is one of the essential features of a car. Most people love it when their vehicle is well tinted, but what happens if your windshield suffers damage? Does this mean that it has to be replaced? Will the repair be affected by the tint?


These are some of the questions that we get at Novus auto glass concerning the repairing of the chipped windscreen.  This article helps us to make things clear about these burning questions.


What Happens to Window Tinting on a Chipped Windscreen

If you have a chipped tinted windshield, the best bet is to ensure that you act fast. The main reason behind this is that minor chipping on your windshield creates a potential hazard.


A chipped windscreen creates non-appealing looks on your windshield.

The moment you ignore the chipping, it can quickly progress to a more severe issue. The window tinting around the cracked or chipped spot will start to peel away. It is difficult to repair a peeled off window tint, and this means that you will eventually be forced to replace the entire shade.



This will create additional expenses and costs. To avoid this, ensure that you conduct a prompt auto glass repair.

The Process of Repairing Chipped Windscreen with Tint

Minor glass chipping can be repaired, but the depth of the chipping will ultimately determine if it is possible to improve the chipping.

Though the steps for repairing a tinted window is similar to that of an untinted window, there are additional steps that a technician will take when tinting is involved. These include;

  1. Your repair person will first remove the window tinting at the area surrounding the chipping.
  2. Cleaning of to the chipped spot on your windscreen
  3. The technician will apply liquid resin to seal the crack
  4. Once the crack is sealed correctly, a new tint film will be applied to the cracked spot.

Repairing a tinted windscreen is not a simple task; we, therefore, recommend that you seek help from professionals such as from Novus auto glass. Most people like DIY windscreen repair because of its accessibility, but end up messing things around. This causes them to spend more money or even risk having to get the whole windscreen replaced.


Seek professional help from the team at Novus AutoGlass. They are professional windscreen repair service providers offering quality window tinting in Brisbane. Get in touch with Novus AutoGlass today for help on your windscreen