Spelling Words

Weekly Spelling Words 

The test is always on Friday mornings before lunch.

I dictate the words one at a time as students write them on their test paper. 


Sept 29- Oct 2, 2009

can pan man fan ran tan


 October 5-9, 2009

mop pop hop top stop


October 12-16

ball fall hall call


October 19-23

in bin pin win fin


October 26

missing list...


November 9-13

cot hot not jot spot


November 16-20

cart  mart   part    start chart 


November 23-25

bell fell well tell


December 7-11

(1) pet met get set jet

(2) bake  make   take  lake   cake


December 14-18

(1) big pig wig dig zig 

(2) clap map clam ham jam 


 January 4-8

(1 & 2)   go come in find 


  January 11-15

(1) fed red bed kid lid

(2) slid kids glad sing sting


January 19-22
we she he be me 
January 25-29
(1) map mat mom mid mug
(2) mix miss mint most mill
February 1-5
(1)  at an and sat sad
(2)  ant and sad sand stand
February 8-12
hip lip sip dip trip
February 22-26
(1)  hen men ten Ben den
(2)  men ten end send bend
March 1-5
1) may bay day stay play
2) pick tick lick sick trick
3) each peach teach mean clean
March 8-12
1)cow how wow now brown
2) moo noon soon spoon cartoon
March 15-19
1)and me you can go
2)came home bone ride game
3)holiday clover rainbow shamrock lucky parade
March 22-26
1) be an to it so
2)sunny rainy hot cold warm
3)cover title author illustrator pages
 April 7-9
cat bat sat mat
spin bin fin trip
spring bring sing cling
 April 12-16
1) mug bug tug rug slug
2) dish wish brush wash shower
April 19-23
1)sip hip tip lip skip
2)junk spunk chipmunk clunk sunk
3) father mother brother sister baby
April 26-30
1) hit pit mit sit quit
2) new stew threw blew few
3) chair child chew chicks China cheese
May 3-7
1) hut gut cut nut shut
2) wing fling bring sing sting
3) fight night right sight eight