Welcome To The Wonderful World
Of First and Second Grade!

Dear Families,

    Welcome to Mrs. Richards’ classroom at Heritage Academy. I am looking forward to working with you and your child as the school year progresses. It is my hope that this letter will provide the necessary information you will need to become familiar with our classroom procedures.

    Our classroom will have first and second graders working together. It is my belief that the students learn a lot from each other. Our school is using the team teaching approach with grades K-3. This allows the first and second graders to have individual class teaching time for math and reading.   

    Please send a signed note if your child will be utilizing an alternate form of transportation other than what was specified at the beginning of the school year.

    In first and second grade, students will be asked to retain one folder to transport information, homework, and completed assignments to and from school. The folder is the best way for parents to communicate questions or concerns about their child to me. I will check for notes, parents signatures, and any other information enclosed daily. I will then fill the folders with graded assignments, letters from the office, or letters from myself regarding important school information. Please remove and look over the items in your child’s folder daily. I will use this folder to keep our line of communication open, which I feel is very important.

    Students will be given a weekly homework packet every FRIDAY. It will be sent home in their folders on the HOMEWORK side. Each packet will contain work to review and reinforce skills we have learned in class. I am asking you to have your child spend  at least ONE HOUR a week reading as part of his/her homework assignment. Each week I will include a clock in the homework packet to help keep track of the time your child spends reading. Please sign and return the clock with the finished packet on Fridays. Thanks!

    Each afternoon we will have a small snack during our read aloud time. On the first school day of each month I ask that each student bring in a NUTRITIOUS snack to share with the whole class @ 18 students). Suggestions for snacks include: crackers, pretzels, cheese, raisins, dry cereal, fruit, etc. **Please let me know ASAP of any food allergies.** THANKS!!            
      In my classroom, I am a firm believer of rewarding desirable behavior.  Because of this, I have several ways of rewarding students independently as well as the class as a whole. I  have a “prize box ” which rewards each independent student.  When a student demonstrates a desirable behavior they may pick a prize from the box. I also allow students to choose from the prize box on Fridays if they haven’t got their name under our “RECESS” board all week. Some examples of great behaviors that will allow the student to choose from the box are following directions, displaying supreme effort, displaying care for another student, et cetera.  In order to balance out the behavior management, I do have a consequence system.  I give the students a verbal warning first. Next I ask them to write their name under “RECESS” on the board and they owe me a minute. From there, the first check is five minutes, second check is ten minutes, and then third check is a note or call home. I  will always try to handle things in the classroom, and with you, however, there are instances in which the administration needs to be involved.  Some examples of behaviors that will earn a consequence is not completing work, being disrespectful to myself or another student, being disruptive, etc.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write a note and place it in your child’s folder, send me an e-mail at nrichards@aoeschools.com, or call the school at 386-586-7500. If I am available to take your call, I will do so. If I am unable to take your call, please leave a message on my voice mail and I will return your call as soon as possible!


Mrs. Richards


                    1st Grade Supply List

1 box #2 pencils (12)
2 notebooks
3 pocket folders
1 supply box
2 washable watercolor paints
4 glue sticks
1 pair blunt scissors
2 boxes 24 count crayons
2 dry erase markers
1 box tissues
1 hand sanitizer
1 box baby wipes