Mrs. Schneider South High School Minneapolis, MN

The study of humanities focuses on HUMANS—the ways we think, the ways we have formed cultures and civilizations, the ways we have shaped history.

In Humanities I (English 9), we will discover cultures and civilizations that have formed the world as we know it, and we will discover what our impact has been on history. We will uncover connections and relationships with people in Africa, ancient Greece, China, Japan, Europe, and other people around the world as we think about what our responsibilities are as a global community in the present.

In Humanities II,  we will study how American culture shapes us and we, in turn, shape the culture. We will investigate some American cultural movements, the work of significant artists and the impact of historical events to see how our culture has evolved. This will be coordinated with Humanties 2 A.P. U.S. History. Research, expository writing and analytic writing are emphasized throughout the year.