Homework Policy



A.  Homework is…

      1.  Due on due date


B.  What to do if you’re absent?

 1.  Pick up any missed homework from the “Homework Area”.

  1. You will pick up your “Missed You” sheet that will be attached to your missed work.

 3. Pick it up the day you return from being absent.

4. It is not the Homework Manager’s job to give you your “Missed You” packet!!


C.  Homework Managers

1.  There will be two homework managers on any given week.

  1. You will be responsible for getting the “Missed You” sheets for whoever is missing.
  2. Attach any classwork to the “Missed You” sheets.
  3. Write down any homework and what the classwork is on the “Missed You” sheet.
  4. Place in the appropriate basket.



I have read and understand the Homework Policy for 2012-2013.


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