Procedures for Mrs. Sohal’s Class


Entering the classroom (Lining Up): 

Be in line at the first bell! Enter the classroom quietly…


If you’re late to class, go get a tardy slip. Put it in the tardy slip basket, sit down quietly, and start doing what the rest of the class is doing.

Opening Activity(Warm-Up):

Upon entering the classroom, students will get their textbook out, their Interactive Reader, their Student Log Book and take out pencil/paper, and start any work that is up on the SmartBoard, while I take roll.  Students are to enter quietly and stay quiet while doing their warm-up.  Keep all warm-ups till Friday when they will be stamped and graded.

Getting Your Attention (Class-Yes):

If I need your attention, I will say “class” and you will answer “yes”. Whichever way I say “class”, you will respond with “yes”. If I say “classity-class”, you will respond with “yessity-yes”.  If I say “class, class, class”, you will respond with “yes, yes, yes”.  Whichever way you say “yes”, once you have responded, the entire class has to be absolutely silent.

Getting Your Attention (Other methods):

Other methods to quiet the class include: ringing my bell for attention at which point you get quiet; counting down from 5 to 1, at which time you become silent; other calls out to the class, e.g., “Who Lives In a Pineapple Under the Sea” to which you respond, “Spongebob, Squarepants”; “Hey, Hey” to which you respond “Hey, Hey”; any others that we come up with along the year.  Whichever way you respond, after the response, you MUST become absolutely silent!

Table Points:

From time to time, you will get table points for behavior, being on-task, being focused, whatever I decide to give you table points for.


You are not allowed to get out of your seat unless you have permission!


Absent students:

There will be 3 absence monitors.  Please write down the day’s class work and homework on the “Missed You” form along with the absent student’s name.  Staple whatever needs to be stapled together and put it in the appropriate file, e.g. “Period 1, Period 2, Period 3, etc.” under the “Missed You” area.

Returning students that were absent:

When you come back from an absence, please see one of the 3 absence monitors.  It is their responsibility to explain to you what you missed, what you have to do, and when it is due.  If they can’t help you, then come to me. But, see the absence monitors first before you come to me.

Class Jobs:

There will be class jobs in this class that you will be responsible for if you are assigned a job.  The jobs are the following: absence monitors, clicker, messenger, phone monitor, researcher, paper passers/collectors, student logbook manager.  I’ll explain these jobs on a different page.

Bathroom Issues:

I will not allow you to use the bathroom unless it is an emergency. You will be issued 4 passes per semester.  You can use them any time you want, but once they are all used up, any time you need to go to the bathroom, you will owe me lunch recess.

Turning in Homework:

When you finish an assignment, turn your papers in to the appropriate areas.

These should be turned in during “warm-up” time at the beginning of class.

Pencil Sharpening:

Come to school prepared with at least 5 sharpened pencils every day. If they are not sharpened, you can sharpen them during group work time. This is the only time you will be allowed to sharpen pencils. Do not ask to sharpen pencils at any other time! I’ll explain about materials you will need for the year on a different page.

Knocking On My Door:

If you need to meet with me, pre-arrange a time and I will be there for you, no matter what!! However, if my door is locked, PLEASE do not knock on it repeatedly. I am probably busy preparing for classes and I really need that quiet time. Thank you.


Listening to P.A. Announcements:

Please quiet down and listen for all announcements when they come on. I will try to ring the bell to get your attention, but if I’m on another side of the room, and it is noisy, I will simply yell out, “ANNOUNCEMENT”, at which point you all should quiet down and listen!!


There will be ABSOLUTELY no talking during instruction or direction-giving time. 


You will be warned only once. If it happens again, you will get a phone call home!!

Who’s the Boss:

This will be a classroom of mutual respect.

I promise you that I will respect you, treat you fairly, and protect you.  But you must also give me respect.

How do you show this?  By not defying me, by not talking when I am talking, by not being rude….you get the picture.


If you blurt out, you’ll be warned once.  If it happens again, you will get a phone call home!

Hand Signals:

Hand signals mirror American Sign Language.

Bathroom:  Intertwined first and second finger (letter “r”) 

Answer:  fingers folded down with thumb on side (letter “a”)

Comment: letters in the shape of a “c” (letter “c”)      

Question:  pinkie held up (letter “i”) 


Water:  Hawaiian “hang loose” sign  


Nurse: Hold up your hands in a “T”.


Alternate Assignments:

If you are not following group work rules, you will be asked to do an alternate assignment.

Pick up your backpack and move to the designated alternate classroom, pick up your alternate assignment, and leave.

You will be responsible for the work you missed while you were not in class.

How to Get Materials:

If you need to get materials or turn in assignments, you are to use a one-way system of traffic.  That is, you come up to the front of the room, turn to the right, go towards the door, pick up what you need or drop off what you need to, and return to your seat.


You are responsible for all books you receive!

There will be a book walk at beginning and end of year.

Book walk at end of year will result in consequences and payment of any lost books if you do not have your book or have damaged it.

Positive Rewards:

You will have plenty of chances to earn positive rewards in this classroom.

 Any time I ask you to put your name on the board because of a correct answer or exemplary behavior or something positive, you will earn a “Positive Phone Call Home” (during class, after class, or at the end of the week) or a “Caught Being Excellent” ticket

Evacuation Drills:

Students will leave rooms and move to evacuation area in single file lines. 

Blacktop area

Face towards the buildings in a single file line remaining silent until released back to class. 


If we have guests come to the room, i.e., parents, other teachers, principal, assistant principals, or other students, you will be very respectful and quiet down from doing whatever we are doing so that I may address their needs.


During tests, you are to remain quiet and keep your eyes on your own papers. 

If I catch you talking or trying to cheat, I will take your paper away from you and have you call your parents letting them know that you have been caught cheating on the test.

Most of the tests will be open book.


About 5 minutes before the bell

This is a time to review the objective of the lesson and what we have learned during class time. 

Summaries and Closure: “Exit slips”, “Shape-Up” Review, “Summary Hand”, or any other form of closure activity I choose.

Clean Up and Return of Materials:

All materials should be returned to their proper spots: markers, crayons, borrowed pencils, teacher supplies, etc.

Tables should be cleared off of papers and books.

Chairs should be pushed in.

You should be waiting quietly and respectfully to be dismissed.


Look around your tables and make sure that your area is clean.

Students are dismissed when I dismiss you, not just when the bell rings.  Teachers are outside on duty and not available until after 3:15 p.m.