Discipline Policy



1.  Behaviors That Get You Kicked Out Immediately

  • Foul Language or Gestures


  • Talking Back


  • Physical Harm


  • Emotional Harm


2.  Reset

  • Reset is a personal time-out. You put your head down on the table and wait for me to welcome you back.
  • Time-in:  I will say “Welcome Back” at which point you raise your head up from the table and re-join whatever the class is doing.
  • If you refuse to reset, then we go straight to the discipline plan (explained later).


  1. Alerts

Alerts are warnings. If you don’t straighten out after the alert has been issued, you will get a parent phone call.

  • Talking Alert – alert for talking at inappropriate times.
  • Respect Alert – alert for disrespecting me or your classmates.
  • Blurt Alert – alert for blurting out.
  • Whining Alert – alert for whining.
  • You will have to sign all alerts that you get and I’ll keep them on file for any parent-teacher conferences I need to have.


  1. Yellow Slips
  • You might get a yellow slip instead of a talking alert.
  • It’s a specific talking alert, telling who you were talking to and what you were doing instead of paying attention.


  1. Arguing With the Ref
    • You will get this slip if you are arguing with me about issuing you a consequence (an “alert” or a “reset”).


  1. Discipline Plan
  • 1st warning:  Reset/Alert/Yellow Slip
  • 2nd warning:  Call your parents and fill out Respect Lesson!
  • 3rd warning: Suspended from class and “visit” the VP.


  1. Respect Lesson
  • A Respect Lesson must be filled out if you still need to be reminded after receiving an alert.
  • You must write word for word what the Respect Lesson says on it and have it signed by a parent or guardian.


    7. Behaviors that get you to Discipline Plan…

  • Being disrespectful
  • Non-cooperative behavior
  • Being non-civil
  • Not respecting “reset”


     8. Voice Levels

  • Level 0 = No Noise
  • Level 1 = Quiet Voice
  • Level 2 = Normal Voice
  • Level 3 = Outside Voice


     9.  Cellular Devices

  • Cell phone at appropriate times only!
  • No cell phones during class time unless I say it’s o.k., e.g, note-taking, research, etc.!!


I have read and understand the Discipline Policy for 2012-2013.


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