Developing as a Professional Educator


My main goal as a professional is to balance my home and school life.  This year, I have made progress towards this goal by designating time each day to get things done.  I get more done at school than I did in previous years, and therefore I take home less work, thus balancing these two a little more.  This has made me less stressed, better prepared, and less tired.  I believe that I have a strong sense of classroom management and I am able to gain the trust and respect of my students quickly.  They know our routines and procedures and this makes the day run smoothly.  I have surprised myself with this because I have heard many people say that this was the hardest part of teaching.  However, I have been complicated by several administrators on my classroom management.  I want to continuously be a teachable teacher and improve my practice in all areas.  I constantly read blogs and articles on different techniques and practices to try new things in the classroom.  It is important to stay open minded and to take your own classroom and knowledge into consideration. There is always room for improvement for all areas.  I would like to keep this philosophy for the remainder of my teaching career. 

Professional Goals

I have two very important goals that I would like to work towards.  My main goal is to eventually attain a Doctorate Degree pertaining to education (this is still an idea that I am constantly contemplating).  Second, I would like to get into administration eventually.  As of right now, I enjoy my time with my students and the constant interaction.  However, someday, I would like to make an even bigger difference and try my hand in being a leader at a school site. I will assess my goal attainment by achieving and working towards these goals.  I will need to clear an administrative credential first and foremost.    


Connected Educator

I always want to be a teachable teacher.  One of the most important things I can teach is how to have an open mind when learning new things.  Therefore, I believe that it is important to continue to have this mindset for the rest of my career.  In this way, I will constantly and continuously learn new things and keep up with the latest in education.  However, I also know that it is essential to do what works best for your students above all.  Reading blogs, doing research, and asking questions to administrators and colleagues is how i stay connected now.  I plan on carrying this with me throughout my career.   


Remaining Passionate

If there is one thing I have learned thus far in teaching it is that you have to find a happy medium between career and life.  That balance is essential in being successful in my opinion and experience.  In order to stay motivated, energized, and passionate about my career, I must take care of myself first.  Once I get into the classroom it is important to leave everything else at the door and just teach.  In those few hours each day, those kids are what's most important and life can wait.  Finding the balance is difficult and is a daily struggle.  However, in order to be the best teacher I can be, I also need to be the best me.  



"Over time and during this lesson, Ms. Starke makes skillful use of a wide repertoire of instructional strategies to engage all students in learning.  As evident throughout the school year, Ms. Starke respects students' families, develops positive communication and understanding of their diverse backgrounds."

-Assistant Principal



The most important piece of advice that I can give is to remain true to yourself.  You know what is best for your students.  You know what is best for your classroom.  Keep your sanity and try not to compare yourself to others.  Compare yourself to yourself and continuously challenge yourself to be the best that you can be.   Don't stress the small stuff.  In the end all that matters is those students, their future, and their well-being.  Don't take that lightly because you could single-handedly change their lives.   


  1. Include one quote from your reflective coach or administrator about your talents or strengths.