Welcome to Algebra 1!

We will meet everyday from 9AM to 10AM in Room 11 (Building B). As we are ready to start the school year, please review the syllabus before class. I will have hard copies printed out for you when we first meet so come prepared with questions!

Big Ideas

Our objective this year is to not only prepare for the New York State Regents, but focus on some of the more of the "big picture ideas".

  • Students will understand that different methods and skills are essential in solving every-day problems.

  • Students will make sense of mathematical models and apply them to real-world scenarios.

  • Students will learn different methods on how to solve a particular problem

Essential Questions

In addition to the big ideas, we will be focussing on some essential questions which I hope will foster some in-depth discussions.

  • What is an approach to assess a new problem and determine a strategy to solve it?

  • How do mathematical relationships provide the ability to predict outcomes and make decisions?

  • Which method is the best method when solving different problems?

Goals of the course

This course is not a typical "I-teach-and-you-listen". This course will be treated as a engaging and interacting class where students are expected to come prepare everyday with their materials and not only are ready to learn, but to enhance their passion in mathematics! We will learn differnet techniques and even use applications to help deepen our understanding on why math is prevalent in our every-day setting!


Classroom Expectations

A list of rules I expect each student to follow in order to make our learning environment safe and productive.


  1. Respect your teacher as well as your fellow peers

  2. Be prepared for class everyday

  3. No cellphones or any kind of electronics, unless given permission

  4. Do NOT cheat!

  5. No food or drink (unless permitted with a doctor’s note). Water is ONLY allowed

  6. Use polite and appropriate language

  7. Do your best!



Topics Covered for the Academic Year (via Mathplanet.com)

  • Discovering expressions, equations and functions.
  • Exploring real numbers.
  • How to solve linear equations.
  • Visualizing linear functions.
  • Formulating linear equations.
  • Linear inequalitites.
  • Systems of linear equations and inequalities.
  • Exponents and exponential functions.
  • Factoring Polynomials
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Radical Expressions